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I Hate Moving
Assure The Helpful friend that you will reward them with a fantastic listening session when everything is set up, and that they can stay as long as you force them to listen to stuff  
I Hate Moving
Advice: friends, pizza, and beer. Close friends will take care of your stereo equip as they know how much it means to you. Supervise carefully the Quads. Warn them ahead of time of the amp weight and rent a dolly and or a hand cart. Note: a child... 
Schiit Audio feedback
I'm running a Ragnarok 2 and loving it! Always had prompt and professional communication with the company. Would love to visit the Schiit'r one day.   
Stoned ice coffee?
Hmmm. The OP title makes more sense punctuated this way: Stoned? Iced coffee!  
Tidal login problem using Oppo Sonica
Don't. The Oppo is a beautifully built machine. Mconnect allows me to stream Tidal right through the Oppo  
I can't go for that.
One of my bands covered that version - fun and funky!  
All New Electric Beach Audio : Single-Driver Speakers Perfection ?!
Most likely. They do have other posts that differ slightly in their syntaxes and specificity, but it's always the same gushing re iew statement followed by a link.   
What are your favorite songs or albums for illustrating a deep soundstage?
Madonna was an artist whose effort into her sonic production went under the radar, drowned our by her superstar pop status. And yet she was meticulous about her recording quality.  
You've run some pretty fancy MC's, but the _______ MM cartridge really impressed me
Another vote for the Clearaudio Maestro V2 Ebony. Easily one of the widest stages I've heard from any cartridge.My Hana SL has slightly more detail, but doesn't present as well.   
Advice on how to liquidate system
Whoa. Really sorry about your trauma and its consequences. Seriously. It must feel debilitating to say the least.  You have any or family or close friends who might even a little appreciate your system? How could you keep the gift of music going?  
Gold Note PH-1000 Best Phono Preamp?
I had the gold note pH 10 for a while and was underwhelmed. It had a wonderful sound but it wasn't a sound that I really connected with. It just didn't have the presence of an lfd or a Hagerman in terms of similar price points. Still, having not h... 
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
Because Randy Meisner was the unsung hero of the band. His voice and bass were essential to their success. A beautiful song.   
My Oppo 105 finally bricked. Streamer suggestions?
@soglio I went through the mconnect lite app and it's all good.   
Compact Floor-standing Speaker Recommendations under $4k
+1 for the Spendors  
Acoustic Zen Matrix reference II IC
You could call Robert Lee and ask him?