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Jazz and Acoustic Guitar recommendation
Have you listened to Russell Malone yet? Somewhat of a newcomer, but this cat can play. His first disc is self titled and is on the Columbia label. Can also be found on Roy Hargrove's cd Habama. Lastly I think he did some work with Diana Krall, an... 
TMC Cables/Interconnects worth a flip???
I have the TMC white label ic. This is a well made and good sounding cable. A little stiff but bendable. Neutral with good locking rca's. Currently trying the DH labs air matrix and will make a decision later. 
Cheapest places to buy gear?
Have you tried Jeffssound Values? He is a Agon dealer and they are great people to deal with. I believe he is on the west coast(san diego). Top notch gear at great prices. 
My overlooked cheap tweak
XLO makes a contact cleaner that is very good. It smells bad but dries quickly. I think thety are a dollar apiece. I have used alcohol when I was out of the XLO wipes. 
Cable "burning": Real or VooDoo ???
Just using the shoes as a example. Might have been a poor use of words but you get the idea. 
Cable "burning": Real or VooDoo ???
Wen you by a new pair of shoes are they not stiff at first? Have you read on some product manuals that a breakin period is required(80+ hrs on anthem gear). New ic's and spkr wire are no different-burning them in is a must. I have set my tuner in ... 
Buying a used Pre-amp...Advice needed
I would suggest either a AE-3 from Cary or a Anthem pre 2L from Sonic Frontiers. Both are musical, well built, and very resonably priced on the used market. If I had to choose one I'd go with the Cary although the Anthem is about to have upgrade o... 
I have a tube amp question?????
Tireguy 12 watts is not a lot of power for a 87db spkr. Is this peak pwr and how loud do you like to listen to your music? 
Tubes vs Solid State
I'm not going to get technical with this but: If you ever read a ad for a ss amp that says it has the warmth of a tube amp, then that should tell you what tubes can do. I believe the only thing that will make a difference is the cost over time for... 
Biasing Anthem Amp 1
Thanks Miami The meter was set at the volt range DC. Now lets listen to some music. 
Newbie hook-up question w/ ARC PH-3 SE
I'm not familiar with your gear, however it sounds like a ground loop problem. Does your pre have a ground post for your table? Wish I could be more helpful. 
Tributaries experience
I own a Trib digital cable I brought a good while ago. At the time I thought it was a lot of bang for the buck. Well made, and it souunded pretty good. Since then I have found and used better cables. 
The partner or wife factor
This is a great thread! My wife knows my love of music and my system. She doesn't listen with me as much as I would like and that's cool but every once and awhile she will look around to see if there's any new gear that I might have added.(justfy ... 
Digital front-end p/c recommendations?
I have been listening to the Tekline cords and although I have not seen alot on it (my dealer friend sells this) they sound very good. Well made and all the ones I've seen have the wattagate ends. 
PS Audio LAMBDA II Transport
There are various lens cleaners out there. You also might want to contact Steve Mcormick who used to be with PS audio. He might have some advise on this unit. Best of luck.