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DAC with HDCD function under usd1000
I just picked up a Sonicfrontiers sfd 1 mk2 for 695 from Jeffssoundvalues. Check him on this site. 
Tube Amplifiers?
Hi Robk No one mentioned the Anthem Amp1,and from reading the reviews this unit is probably great bang for the buck. I will have one in my system by fri(jan 5). Give me a little time to burn it in and I'll let you know. 
Sonic Frontiers Preamps - Cold & thin?
Just purchased a Anthem pre 2L and don't have the same conclusions as above. This pre has a bold non tubey sound. I am using a Aragon 4004 and Krestral spkrs. I think the anthem is a lot of bang for the buck and with the Marsh(just auditioned)amp ... 
Best new amp under $2k?
I just listened to the Marsh amp(200 watt) and it is a Killer amp. 3d in a big way, smooth, detailed, great soundstaging. All this for under 2k. If you get a chance this is a must listen. 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
I guess it started with me growing up in nyc and being surrounded by muscians(my dad plays guitar) and just knowing what instruments sound like. Later I just wanted my system to sound as close to the original as possible. I believe it's not so muc... 
Meadowlark Kestral Owners! - Amp Help.
Prfont I have a pair of Kestrals(nonrodded)with a Aragon4004. I have not tried any other pwr amp, but as said above they are fairly efficent. I'm looking to replace my amp if interested. I also have tried the Audible Illusions with the Aragon, gre... 
BNC Info Please
I have noticed that some of your better gear has bnc outs. Both my counterpoint transport and my wadia dac have bnc. 
Marsh 400 vs. Bel Canto EVO
I have not heard the Bel Canto, but The Marsh is one h--- of a amp. Clean and quick. Heard this amp with some maggies- wonderful. Check them with your own gear. Good listening and happy holidays. 
Know of a "Dirt Cheap" tweak?
Actually the tweak about the cups upside down is in a issue of Stereophile. I use dixie cups and lift my spkr cables off the floor with good effects. Good listening 
affordable tube preamp-AE-3 vs. Pre1L?
Just purchased a anthem Pre2L and so far so good. Still in the process of burn in but what I am hearing is the magic of tubes without the typical tube sound. Look up Jeffs Sound Values on this site and tell him what your looking for. Good Listening! 
cd player skipping
What do you have the player sitting on? If you tried the various cones,platforms,bricks then your unit might be defective. 
Sounds like a serious ground problem Stang. Mondial makes a device(can't think of the name at the moment)that might fix your problem. Check out there web site. Good luck 
Most reliable equipment manufacturers
I have to give Mondial a thumbs up. Would you beleive they are still doing upgrades for the aragon 4004! Well built and good sounding gear. 
Info on Threshold s/150
Just found out a little more on this unit. I was trying to compare it to a Aragon4004. Was told both were similar. Any thoughts on this? Thanks 
Inexpensive CD Transport
I have a Wadia 12 dac and use a old counterpoint transport. Both have the bnc connectors and I beleive both together sound great. I have not had the chance to try any other transports so any other advice I can't give. Would like to try the rega as...