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Speaker punishing bass
You might try Stanley Clarke & Friends live at the greek. This also has Billy Cobham on drums, Larry Carlton on guitar, Najee on sax, and Deron Johnson on keyboards. This disc will seperate the men from the boys. 
Chang lightspeed VS ESP powerdistributor
I also diagree with Stevemj. I don't feel pwr amps are made to clean up dirty ac even if they have filtering devices. Remember dity in is dirty out,pwr line filters such as the chang do what they are designed to do clean up your ac. Then whatever ... 
What are XLR inputs??
HI Willyb XLR is the term used when a component is a balanced inputs. The cable in question looks nothing like a rca cable. You will see instead three male ends of three female ends depending on whats going where. As for differences I have heard b... 
Help Preamp Hum
You might try some damping compound over the amp. My anthem has some of this on it's transformer. Also do you have the amp connected to a power conditioner? That might help clean up some of the ac trash that we all come in contact with unless you ... 
Power Cord For Audio Research gear
Hello RWD I have been auditioning the Tekline pwr cables and with good results. Not much has been said about these cables but for the money it might worth a listen. Best if luck 
HELP , More problems with Bias
Hello Brucel483 Your advise on bias is welcomed. I have a Anthem amp1 and it came with ElectroHarmonix EL34's. I would like to change them but with what you advised Richardzerambo I will have to look at my manual to see what SF recommends. Richard... 
Experience w/Anthem PRE-2LSE and AMP2SE
HI Pablo1 If I'm not mistaken these pieces are new and there may not be much info as of yet. I can tell you that I do have the pre2L and amp1 with a sf dac and meadowlark kestral spkrs. Great sound- the kestrals love tubes. Also in the process of ... 
Favorite nos tube?
Yes Dekay you are lucky to have only one 6922 to deal with. I also am bidding on some Telsa EL34's for my Anthem amp through ebay. Also got lucky with a 12ax7 from Sveltana that I am waiting for that will go in the amp. 
Favorite nos tube?
Flash! Just got in some Jan-phillips 6922 and will use them in my pre(Anthem pre2L). The unit comes stock with sovteks. I will keep you informed as to the sound.Hotcorocket I am not familiar with the techtronix tubes-sorry. Keep rolling those tubes! 
Favorite nos tube?
OPps I spelled Amperex wrong. Let the games begin. 
absolute best component you ever owned
I had a Mod 3 from Audible Illusions and sold it. What was I thinking? I have a pair of Meadowlark kestrals that will never leave my domain. (never say never) Good listening! 
cable help ?
I agree with Abstract7 the Cable CO will steer you in the right direction. Be certain of what sonically is important to you-it will give the people at the Cable Co somthing to work with. Best of luck 
Audio Electronic Supply AE-3 Pre-Amp?
Hello Rute1 I can't really tell you anything about a ss amp with the AE-3 but I can tell you with a tube amp this pre SINGS. I had a friend of mine bring his over and now I am thinking of selling my Anthem pre2L. 
What is the meaning of a true audiophile
To me a audiophile is someone is wants to hear music that can be reproduced with the same intensity, clarity, and emotion, that the artist had in mind. I believe this is especially true if you play an instrument. You know what a particular instrum... 
"White noise" in speakers. Tubes?
Hi Rosstaman Yeah I think it might be a gassy tube. I am hearing the same as you only it's only comming from the right spkr. The only thing I can suggest is to change your 6922's. My disadvantage is that I have a tube pre and amp, so I have two un...