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Upgrade, Tube Amp ESL Speakers
Hello Jerie I am not familiar with innersound, but I do have the Anthem amp1. Though this is the entry level of sf,it runs my Meadowkark kestrals fine. One thought-since the innersounds are 4 ohms the taps on your amp should provide you with a cho... 
RF Induced Humming??
Hello Davesmith Mondial has a box that should fix your problem(the name escapes me at the moment) but if you look up there site they should have the info on this product. Best of luck 
Power Amp for newbie
HI Thump Looks like a Acurus A200 might be your answer. You will have the synergy you need with your other Acurus gear. Check around I'm sure there is one on this site. BTW you might want to look for a used Aragon 2004 or 4004 amp. A lot better so... 
Anyone Heard Meadowlark Blue Heron s
Hello Can't tell you about the herons, but I do have the kestrals with a anthem pwr1. Meadowlark spkrs love tubes. I did have a aragon 4004 on them before and tubes really let these spkrs sing! Best of luck 
Have ARC LS-16 Pre- what to upgrade to??
Hi Sutts My Anthem pre2L has what your looking for, but alas I don't think it will be in your league sonically. Best of luck! 
Marsh amps
Hello Tireguy Yes this amp can run with the big dogs, and will probably have some for lunch. A truly amazing piece of gear. I have heard in the comfort of my home this amp with my Meadowlark Kestrals and without a doubt my kestrals did some seriou... 
Stealth Hac 3,000 W power cord
I too have the stealth cord on my anthem1 and it will probably do less with tubes than with s.s. It sounded much better on my sonicfrontiers dac. I believe better tubes(nos) will make a much more sonic difference. Good listening! 
What are good jumpers for bi-wire spks?
Hello My Meadowlark kestrals came with jumpers but I don't know if it's the same as the internal wire. I will look up the Mapleshade site-they make some pretty decent recordings-so there jumpers should be the ticket. Best of luck 
Anyone heard Jena Labs cables?
I have a Gemini digital cable that is very well made and the sound is smooth. I did go to a silver cable that had a bit more detail. Good listening 
Pwr cable v Tubes
Hey I thank you all for the input. I have some pretty good cords, but am in the process of upgrading the tubes. A lot of choices out there. 
Share your thoughts on Marsh Amps
Hello cmjones I too have to agree with the above statements. I listened to this amp with a pair of maggies(same as yours) and was floored with it's sonics. I took it home and listed with my meadowlark kestrals. This amp is a must listen! Good list... 
SS vs Tube: What do you hear?
I remember my first tubed pre(cary slp70). Since then I have gone back and forth, tubed pre-ss amp,all ss, and then I took the plunge and now have all tubed gear. For me this is where I will stay. There is nothing like it.Try the Anthem gear if yo... 
Sonic Frontiers, Anthem or CJ
I recently went to all tubes(sonic sfd mk2,anthem pre2L, and anthem pwr1)and I have to say this is what I should have done a long time ago. Detail,soundstaging,smooth, and best of all not a tubey sound.(mushy bass) Can't comment on the cj gear or ... 
Sonic Frontiers P3/T3 opinions needed..
Hi Jman Like you I have had questions about Sonicfrontiers/Anthem gear. However I took the plunge and now have the dac(sfd1 mk2),the pre2L, and just got the amp1 which is still burning in. So far I am impressed with the good sonics of the trio. La... 
Best Sounding Passive Preamp
I agree with 1953, the Reference line gear is top notch. As noted above make sure your gain is adaquate. Good listening!