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Hear ye! Thou who knowist thy speakers..
I would give a listen to the Meadowlark speakers. I have a pair of Kestrals and to me everything a speaker should be. The kestrals are on the bottom of the list so I would think that the higher priced models might be your ticket. Check there web s... 
Any experience with STEALTH Cable?
Have not tried the spkr cables, but the HAC pwr cord is very good. Give it a try-you have 30 days. Regards Bret 
Anyone heard Motif Amps done by CJ
I Have not heard them myself, but if you contact Jeff at Jeffs Sound Values here on audiogon he should be able to help. 
Best small 2-way floorstander?
I have not heard your spkrs but you might want yo give Meadowlark a try. I have the Kestrals and have been very happy with them. Good luck 
New DAC or New CD Player
I once owned a micromega stage4 and did use it as a transport. I think if you want to keep the micro then get a GOOD dac. I do like the idea of the micro shuting down the outputs when using the coax out. Plan to spend more on your dac purchase to ... 
Small Dedicated Listening Room???
I too have a small room and if can place the spkrs just right everything else is easy. Try some corner tunes and wall hangings. This will help on reflections. Although my amp is (aragon4004) has a lot of pwr it will provide dynamics with the music... 
Opinions on best Audiophile magazine
I have always read stereophile, but recently picked up a june/july issue of TAS and was very pleased with it's format. I will continue to compare the two. Good reading 
Audible Illusions Mod. III
There are certain models of the mod3 that can be upgraded to the 3a. If the unit in question had has rods comining from the volume pots toward the back of the unit then it can be modded out. This was told to me by a audible dealer.(Wish I kept min... 
Ultech CD players
I did not have the player but did have the dac which I beleive is the same as the player. Very good unit,did not call attention to itself. I traded it for a Wadia dac which of course sounded much better. Can't go wrong for the money, too bad the c... 
Amps: Bryston vs Electrocompaniet
Hello Rob You might want to try talking to either Jeff Or Mark at Jeff Sound Values. His site is under the browse part of audiogon. He is a Electro dealer and pobably can give you some insight on this matter. They are good people and have helped m... 
Biamping progress- but is it ideal?
Hello Jeffloistarca I guess my question to you is do you like what you hear? Some spkrs sound better when each has a dedicated pwr supply. I don't know much about totem but if they gave you an option to biwire experiment with your ears. I have a p... 
Whats a good tube preamp?
Martins need current so I would try a solid state amp along with the other choices stated. Audible illusions is a must audition. Good listening. 
Power cords at ridiculous prices?
All the above statements have their merits, but no one has mentioned power conditioners. If you could have a device between that the gunk coming out of the wall(emi,surges,etc) that can keep current at a stable medium and then connect that afterma... 
Proceed VS. Wadia
Wow John you were reading my mind. I was thinking about inquiring about the same subject. Anyhow are we stil on for mon? Thanks Bret 
Cable Question ??
All the above is true with the exception of nordast cables. You have to point the arrow toward the component you are using. I don't know why this is.