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Penny&Giles----where are they?
I'm appreciate all the replys on this thread. To you Mr. McCormack I especially want to thank and wish you continued success with your products. 
Do you remember?
Nice replies from all. Some of the companies mentioned I did own-Spica,Apogee,once considered Kinergetics(did I spell that right)at one point. Alas gone but not forgotton.Bret 
Monster pwr conditioners----your thoughts?
Ahh more food for thought. I have not tried any Monster product as of yet and thought of a purchase for there conditioners. I do like the fact that they label the inputs according to what componets you may have on hand. 
Monster pwr conditioners----your thoughts?
Thanks to all that have replied. Monster has been around awhile so I would think there current offerings would be of merit. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
I drive a 2006 Mazda 6i. I really like the way it handles and there's lots of tweaks for it as well. Don't see anything in the near future but if money were no object my car would be a Corvette. 
Replacement pwr supply for Aragon 24k
I have the standard. Hope I can obtain a new one or as you suggested have it repaired. 
Replacement pwr supply for Aragon 24k
Thanks again for all your replies. Steve at Klipsch asked about a fuse but I don't see one anywhere. He even looked at a schematic while I had him on the phone and he could not locate one either. Satch thanks for the link but it looks like the upg... 
Replacement pwr supply for Aragon 24k
Thanks for your replies Kr4 and Dpac966,According to the Klipsch forum A pwr supply of - 24 + 24v DC and a min of 250 Ma. The pwr supply had been modded prior to my purchase but don't know what all had been done. I should have known better :( I ha... 
Caztech preamp?
Thanks Yioryos,I believe this pre is in a metal chassis. Good choice with the CJ gear. At least they are still in business.Bret 
Meret Audio?
Hello and thank you for the additional information. BTW did it list the freq range? 
Meret Audio?
Hi Onhwy61, Yes that's the name of the spkr in question. Would you happen to know whether it is a 4 or 8 ohm load. The reason I ask is that my amp is a diy chip clone set for a 4 ohm spkr(Epos ELS-3). Any info would be great. Have yourself a Merry... 
Looking for some synergy
Just a note to add. After posting this thread I looked at some ic's I had laying around and found two pairs of Zu cable oxyfuel. These replaced the ic's between pre and pwr amp as well as the sacd player and pre. Much better! In fact I don't why I... 
Polarity issue
Well Agang I'm happy to report all is well. Thanks to all who shared there knowledge and advise. That is what this hobby is all about. 
Polarity issue
Wow thank you all for info and instructions. I especially like the advise from steve@q-audio. With my rig being a somewhat tight setup it would be easier to use the battery option. I guess my only other concern is the possible cap connection on my... 
Gainclone chip amp
Thanks Cdc for the info :)