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Why will 4k/8k matter?
I saw my first 4K major movie release in a Florida theater last week -Skyfall. I gotta admit, it was a seriously impressive picture presentation all around. Even so, not sure how much resolution is actually required for home use.I would think you ... 
how much of a difference should equipment make?
rlwainwright speaks the truth!! If you accomplished 1,2 & 3 you are 95 % "there" in terms of real life sonic happiness. That last 5% is expensive and fussy and I have not yet found it yet either but pleased with what I have none the less. 
What is the best....?
What an inane question. How long is a piece of string? 
Need advise on amp choice
On a more productive note, I would definitely keep the REF110 and put some KT120's in. I can tell you from personal experience, they are great tubes. 
Need advise on amp choice
You are hilarious,I nearly spit my Macallan single malt out reading this, every time I see this misspelled,(far too often) I cringe!!! 
HELP - Building stereo room, need advice ASAP
#2 biggest room volume you can manage. keep speakers well away from walls and listen quasi nearfield. 
Best bedside system, unit?
Another thumbs up for Squeezebox Boom radio. Great unit and alarm clock is programmed to fade in favorite music. 
Need suggestion for cables of YBA system
I wouldn't spend $1500 on cables for this system. Keep it under $500 and spend the other grand on music -better investment by far as cables must have the WORST resale value of anything audiophile. 
Wiring confusion with JL sub and components
Running any sub out of a tape out line is a terrible idea because you have no volume control. Best bet in this case as the fathoms have no high level inputs, is probably to buy an outboard speaker to line level convertor. This is a transformer tha... 
Would a subwoofer sound better?
many people here recommend the REL subs and they are also carried by Sumiko the importer for S.F. Getting a sub to work well with a monitor type speaker is daunting however, as in my experience, the x-over frequency needs to be relatively high to ... 
so many speakers
This brings to mind my personal philosophy (which will no doubt irk the "source first" gang) is that job one is to find a decent sounding room and place a nice set of speakers in there that work really well in the space and optimally placed acoust... 
No Balanced Circuitry
It means the the input/outputs are balanced but that the circuit topology is not fully differential, which would indicate a positive and negative gain stage for each channel. Twice the circuitry which is why most manufacturers don't do it. 
ARC Ref. 3 - New Tubes - Need help
Generally speaking with ARC gear the odd numbers are right channel and evens are left. I believe what you need on this is a matched quad of 6H30 tubes. 
KT120 in Audio Research Pre-amp?
Talk to Calvin at ARC but I believe I heard that this is one place the 6550 should remain in place and NOT use a KT120. (Love them in the VT100 amp though!) 
Krell HTS 7.1 clicking problems
This sometimes happens if the commercial's sound format is different from the program you're watching (ie. DPL vs DD)everytime the unit changes formats, you will hear that relay clicking sound-usually after a 2 second gap while it tries to figure ...