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High quality subwoofer - which one?
Two of any of these subs is probably better than one of any of the others. The SVS seems to be in the sweet spot for you $-wise, so that is the route i would recommend for you. They are all very decent subs, once setup. BTW, the JL does not requir... 
Squeezebox touch-itunes or not?
Get outta ITunes. Pickup J River Media Centre or Foobar,etc and do proper rips. Stick with FLAC and Hi-rez is assured and easy to tag/label unlike WAV. 
Battery backup
Currently using a Liebert UP tation regenerator on my complete A/V system except for amps and subs. Puts out a pure unwavering 120 vac and I must say, I'm VERY impressed with its abilities. Plus it also provides for battery backup by the nature of... 
Audio Research new DSpre
I heard it in Tampa connected to the big Wilson Watts through (i think) boulder amps. Sound as in a word -stunning! Quite possibly, some of the finest reproduction I've ever heard. Source was some very high rez digital files of music I was unfamil... 
Theta Digital Carmen2 dvd/cd transport issues
Best bet is to find out who the OEM supplier was and then see what other low cost players used the same drive unit and seek out a doner player. NOTE: you might be depressed to discover that your multi-kilobuck anodized wonderplayer is using the sa... 
Help Me Name a New Band
Free CandyThunderclown 
3 preamps with transformer hum, DC on the line?
One way to be sure (if you can get your hands on one) is to try an isolation transformer as this will stop any DC cold as they cannot pass DC. Your problem might be poor quality AC however, such as low voltage, lagging current/voltage issues, etc.... 
DAC burn-in question
That should work. Also,keep the DAC turned on at all times even after break-in. 
Squeezebox touch, Apple TV or Apple Airport Expres
No Apple experience, but the SBT is an amazing product. Probably can't go wrong either way. 
Firewire Question for iMac
Yes and you can get these cables just about anywhere 
Revel Voice 2 vs. Studio 2?
I would try to use a perforated screen which would allow you to keep the studio2 center. The new acoustically transparent screens are quite good. 
How much can be measured -- and how much cannot?
I like to refer to a statement from Kevin Voekes (sp?) of Revel speakers fame. He states that measurements are indeed important in designing equipment but the ultimate test is double blind listening sessions. His summation? A speaker that measures... 
Audiophile grade country
I agree with you jdoris, I have a couple of dixie Chicks albums and while I respect their obvious talent, the CD's are nearly unlistenable for any length of time. Shame 
which subwofer is better?
I have and love two JL110s and they are great subs. That said, I hear the new Velodynes are pretty awesome... 
Are Nakamichi amps any good?
I have one of the Nak stasis units and it is very nice despite being an older design now. Get one at a decent price and you can't go too wrong and should be able to resell for what you paid if you don't like it.