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Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
So the verdict after decent breakin time- they're pretty good. Not what I would call a flat out night and day difference but a bit more "drive" and a little less glare in the upper ranges especially when the volume is turned up. All in all I'm ple... 
Better speaker value here?
I'll kick back in here as well, while I've never heard the Salon 1, I have had the pleasure of hearing the 2's in three separate systems/rooms/times and in each, I was extremely impressed. They seem to possess a freedom from frequency and time/pha... 
Better speaker value here?
Not sure sure where you can get the 2's for $10K. $12-13K seems more common. FWIW, I would go with the Salon 2 in any case. I just can't get around the looks of the 1. Also, resale would be better (until the Salon 3's start showing up) 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
Ok, so, just finished installing and biasing (adjusted to the same 130 mV the amp recommends)a matched octect of Tung-Sol KT120's. Less than an hour playing time skipping through a bunch of artists I am familiar with(now Keith Jarrett playing J.S.... 
Sounds like a bad or poorly matched tube-set. Try switching the offending pair to the other amp and retry. When all is working well, this should be an easy adjustment. 
Diversity of opinion over what
Everyone hears things differently. Different preferences and biases. That is why important to find a reviewer with similar opinions as yours when reading gear reviews in mags. 
is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?
In that case, you won't be able to read your own posts Audiofeak32!!! Too bad we all can't enjoy the benefit of ignoring you.... 
The most haunting music you ever heard?
Barber's Adagio for Strings is up there... 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
Thanks to all for your assistance on this. I plan on keeping the EH 6922 signal tubes, I just got through re-biasing them at about their midlife (using the A. Collins method). And my current output tubes seem to fit very snug, so I think a couple ... 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
Hmmmm.....so now I'm torn between the KT88 Gold Lions or, for similar money, the Tung-sol KT120. Hifigeek1, if you were going this route, which would you likely go with? Thanks! 
Magico Q7 . . . wow
For my two cents worth, I have to agree with you usermanual. Who could possibly appreciate a writer who continually hijacks posts to tell you what an idiot you must be if you don't think the Linn DS, Sonus Faber and REL are the HANDS DOWN ONLY BES... 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
From what I can see, there should be oodles of room to physical fit KT-120's. Not sure if the bias range or power supply can support this tube though. Anyone know for sure as I have also heard good things about this tube, but have not investigated... 
Retubing an ARC VT100 mkll
Thanks to all. Guess the 6922EH's stay, and an octect of GL KT-88's are on the upgrade menu. 
Driver recommendation for hi-fi DIY sub?
The JL Audio W7 12 or 13 is an awesome driver. see linkhttp://www.jlaudio.com/12w7ae-3-car-audio-w7ae-subwoofer-drivers-92115 
Cable Management rev4.2
Mine are an ongoing struggle to keep neat. As long as the signal/digital cables are kept away from AC power cables, I'm as happy as I'm likely to get. Luckily I don't need to fret over WAF issues, or I'd be divorced again!