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What is approx. percentage of your total
I have about 2500 CDs or digital files and I probably do most of my listening to only about 20% on a regular basis, but its nice to have the variety when you want that other weird 5% 
Viva or Mastersound?
Perusing the title, I thought it was "Visa or Mastercard".... 
krell ksa 50
Great Amp with the right speakers as mentioned above. A real space heater though 
REL G-2 or JL Audio F-112
I have heard that REL stuff is nice, but I do own 2 JL fathoms and they are truly awesome beasts. Try and get a demo somewhere for both if you can. 
Diana Krall Survey
I really liked her stuff up until a few years ago where all of her muzak seems to have that same "Radio Friendly" blandness to it. The Quiet Nights album was horrible with overly close mic'd vocals and boring performances of overplayed light jazz ... 
Source vs. DAC vs. Preamp Importance?
Have to agree with Audiofeil, speakers will make a much bigger difference to the overall system sound than a DAC will. Get a pair that works well with the room (and your tastes) then find an amp that likes to drive them. The front end stuff can be... 
Favorite album art?
Roxy Music - Avalon 
Tube vs SS vs Digital
Almarg is correct. Without getting into the whole tubes vs SS thing, the awesome Ultima 2 is probably one of the least tube friendly speakers I can think of. As mentioned, their funky impedance curve and low efficiency pretty much rule out all but... 
Upscale Audio -- Tubes and Reliability
Regarding using the KT120 tubes in VT 100 amp. As some of the responders of the OP will remember I have just changed over from 6550 to the KT120s. (check older posts from about a month ago). Got them from tube depot here in Canada, but they also s... 
Comparing PSB, Paradigm and Revel - your thoughts?
I have to agree with loomisjohnson, the Paradigms are a tad to bright for my tastes. Not familiar with the newer PSBs (older models were always designed too much for a budget sound IMO) have always liked the Revels (currently own the F32 as well a... 
Best finger food for audiophile listening
Scotch and cigars 
Pro audio amps for a home system
Most pro amps are designed for brute power and road worthy-ness. Finess and detailed presentation usually don't make it to the design team's list of priorities. That said, the Lab Gruppens are nice. 
Which sub to buy: JL Audio f113 or Velodyne DD18+?
Agreed. I can't imagine anyone with 2 F113's ever wondering if they made the right choice or craving more (quality)bass. Congrats! 
Tube Setup Question
I'm running Audio Research tube pre/amp and using the pass through function for home theatre with no issues. Also, as the LS25m2 pre has two sets of balanced outs, I'm running 2 JL110 subs for music out of it. My H/T processor sub out is split and... 
XLR cables for high-end multichannel system
Have to agree with Marakanetz, the Mogami in star-quad configured XLR is a tough deal to beat especially for H/T use which would generally be a little less revealing and demanding than a straight two channel rig. Good enough for high end studios.....