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Audio discounts during Coronavirus
Ya know, a friend of mine brought up a wonderful idea regarding this question. If you’re buying a piece of gear, especially from a single independent seller, that is selling a beloved piece of gear just to get by and survive during these difficult... 
And a Happy Easter to everyone! : ) 
VTA on the fly
“So I had to mod his mod with my mod to finally have the perfect mod“ Haha! Love it! You never cease to amuse me, and I always enjoy your comments, millercarbon.Thanks for the laugh. :-) 
Efficient, affordable speakers for SETs?
I agree that looking into Tekton is a good idea. It couldn’t hurt to at least call and talk to Eric at Tekton either. I’ve got a pair of Pendragons, and at 95 dB efficient, they’re easily driven by any amp I’ve tried with them and they sound great.  
How do you sort your LPs?
Firstly by genre, then alphabetically by artist. Then there’s the LP’s I’ve been listening to the most at the time. Just need to not let the latter pile get out of control, and remember to file them back, then repeat the the process again. I also ... 
3D Printed records??? Apparently it's happening... Check dis out, vinyl fans...!
@millercarbon HAHAHA!! Absolutely perfect. I watch Steve’s vids every morning he puts one up, and he totally got me until the big reveal. It reminded me of this one done in 2015 by London Jazz Collector: 
Turntable Mats: Rubber, Felt or Cork.
I tried a bunch of different mats, but held onto my achromat and Herbies way excellent mat.  
Is it all worth it?
Yup, totally worth it to me. Always has been. I prefer how vinyl sounds, and if people think it’s all in my head, that’s fine with me.  
Do any still use an older high end tuner from the past?....
I’ve got a beautiful fully refurbished Marantz 2220B hooked up right now. It’s a fun looking piece of HiFi history, and it sounds pretty good too. 
Emotiva not so good
@millercarbon I think ya nailed it.  
Record Store Day 2020 LIst
I saw that The Black Crowes “Lions” Ltd to 3,000 copies is on the list, a record I’ve been trying to track down for years now, but refuse to pay over $200 on Discogs for it. That’s the only one I saw of any interest. Last year was a bust, so at le... 
Where can I audition amps near Boston?
@oddiofyl pretty much covered the whole audio gambit in the MA area. I live in between Boston and Worcester, and have been going to Natural Sound in Framingham for many years. They usually have a great used section too. It’s not that big of a stor... 
I say go for it! You could start off buying a lesser turntable than a VPI and something like a Schiit Mani phono pre. You could go with an MM or MI cart like a Nagaoka MP-110 or a Grado Black2, which are great carts for the $, IMO. Don’t even both... 
Just another Orange fuse thread
@millercarbon Very well said. Thank you!Playing live with bands and hearing all types of live music has been very helpful for me also. 
What are you using to drive your Tektons?
I’ve owned a pair of Pendragons for approximately a year now, and find they work well with a wide variety of amplifiers. Anything from low wattage tube amps to high wattage SS amps can give you great results. Right now, I’ve got mine hooked up to ...