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Advice on best mid priced MM cartridge choice for Rega P3 (2016)
You also might wanna check out Ian’s YouTube channel, HiViNyws. He auditions a ton of carts and often uses a Rega deck.  
Amps for driving Tekton Electron SE
I own a pair of 8 ohm Pendragons which are listed as 95dB sensitive. I’ve tried running an Elekit 300B SET amp through them, and it sounded beautiful and drove them with ease. My point is that it seems that most Tekton speakers pair well with many... 
Advice on best mid priced MM cartridge choice for Rega P3 (2016)
@jjss49 Well said. Also, Goldring makes some excellent mid priced cartridges, and the carts that the OP mentioned seem like great choices. 
Cartridge recommendation please...
I’d personally check out brands like Nagaoka, Goldring, and Grado. Good luck!  
Best "Bang for the Buck" you have owned?
Probably my Tekton Pendragons. I auditioned aprox 15-20 pairs of speakers costing upwards of $20K, and then heard Tektons at my buddy’s place. They just sounded right to me while saving me a lot of money. Still have em and still love em after owni... 
RIP Toots!
R.I.P. Toots. I‘d been a fan for many years, and was fortunate enough to have seen him perform 4 times in the past 25 yrs or so. Those shows were so much fun. I loved it when he’d get to, “Give it to me...12 times!” or more live. He will surely be... 
According to the RIAA, It doesn't look good for physical media
@noromance “Mag-Lev” Haha! Please...I saw one of those things on a TV commercial about some kinda hipster something or other ad recently. I believe it was on top of a coffee table with a little refrigerator in it.  
Length of speaker cables
I’d sell your AQ Rocket 88’s, but I strongly suggest not cutting them, especially because they were already terminated by AQ. I’m sure there’s someone out there looking for that exact cable in that exact length. For what you can get for selling a ... 
Which speaker wire does this hook up to?
A cheap multimeter with the ability to test conductivity is all you need. Just put one end of the test lead to one side of the cable and touch the ones on the other side until you hear a beep. 
something is not right here and it's on purpose!!!
@thecarpathian LO f’n L !  
My #@%$ Cat Destroyed My ARC REF 5SE. Soliciting Suggestions.
@bobauch Well said, sir.  
My #@%$ Cat Destroyed My ARC REF 5SE. Soliciting Suggestions.
@arcticdeth Cats won’t protect you? When my brother was probably about 4 or 5, a neighbor’s dog ran into our yard and went to attack him. My cat at the time came outta nowhere and went after that dog with a vengeance like it was her job, luckily k... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Got some Pixies “Doolittle” MoFi pressing on deck, then into some Bad Brains “Quickness”, go onto spinning some “Lions” by The Black Crowes, and I think I’ll end the night with the unforgettable Mr. Tom Petty’s, “Wildflowers”.  
Help Upgrading My Phono Chain
I would highly recommend a Technics SL1200GR for aprox $1,600, then spend up to around $1,000 on a really nice cart, and you’ll still have $400 to buy a KAB fluid damper for $150.00.  
Why Don't More People Into Music Reproduction At Home Play Around With Musical Instruments
As I mentioned in my previous comment, I come from a family of musicians, and the majority of my friends are also musicians, but none of my musician friends are audiophiles, and none of my audiophile friends are musicians. Then again, I have a goo...