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If you have to use component vid, may I suggest Tara Labs RSC cables. They're $300 for a meter, but can generally be had for around $225 or so. In a direct comparison vis-a-vis DVI, I really could hardly tell any difference.Cheaper component cable... 
How about a "Remember This?" forum AudioGon?
Speaking of "remember this"! I remember when Sean provided informative and entertaining posts all the time, not just once in a while! 
Merlin TSM-MXs...First Impressions
They've got a whole new line of "Statement" products, actually...very well reviewed, and I'm sure I'm going to wind up with their stuff once finances allow later in the year. 
Merlin TSM-MXs...First Impressions
No, Anthem gear is solid state...or at least they sell solid state gear. I mean, I can't say for sure whether they've ever sold any tube gear, but certainly their current lineup in solid state. 
Merlin TSM-MXs...First Impressions
Not that I'm anti-tube, but I've really enjoyed the results I've gotten from my VSM-MMs from Anthem amplification. I haven't bought the Anthem gear yet, but a friend let me audition his...very musical, involving, etc. Also, Anthem has Bobby's seal... 
iTunes idiot needs some help
I recently bought a 60 GB iPod. I know it would set you back $600, but I really think it's worth it to hear all your CDs at rates as uncompressed as possible. Apple Lossless is great, but does eat up a lot of space. I tried Variable Bit Rate (VBR)... 
SACD... is this all there is?
There are now 2,717 SACD titles. can help you learn more about available titles...roughly 1600 of all SACDs have been reviewed there. 
I completely lack fiscal discipline...
Many thanks to everyone for not employing the guilt trips that always come from non-audiophools..."You spent HOW much on WHAT?!?!?" Nicks...I found the e5c online for $369, so I placed the order and delivery should happen on Monday (Tuesday at the... 
I completely lack fiscal discipline...
Good point, Boa2...otherwise, it'd be called the uPod, right? 
THE Show - worth going?
OK, I'll be the one who says it...go for that adult entertainment show they always have at the same time. Gunbei knows about it.Ah, porn and Vegas. That's how God MEANT us to live! 
Best $4000-$5000 loudspeaker
How about Merlin VSM-MM's (I found mine for $4500 as demos)or MX's (might be able to find them used for around $5,000-$5,500).They extend down around 28 with BAM, work well in an average size room, and can be enjoyed at low to moderate levels. 
DVI Inputs & Outputs
Why wouldn't you just run a digital cable out from the cable box and into the receiver? What would DVI have to do with that? 
TV Picture diffenences between HD and non HD
I'm a long-time HDTV user. The best technique, I have found, is to buy a very high-quality component video cable, and send both HD and regular def signals through that. Your cable box, if indeed you use cable for your HD service, will allow for th... 
Tori Amos..... Will she ever go Hi Rez?
To find out, you'd have to knw what her label is, and then learn whether that label has released any of their artists on DVD-A or SACD. If so, you've got a could even lobby them for Tori, if you want. Maybe try and get a grassroots ef... 
Merlin Owners - Opinions?
As a Merlin owner, I think the best contribution I can make to this thread is to give you the e-mail address of the manufacturer, Bobby Palkovic. He can be reached at Bobby is exceptionally good to work with, and I know he'll b...