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You might be an audiophile if...
You see that ad for "A Perfect Pair" in the back of Stereophile and honestly notice the tubes instead of the boobs. 
Plasma Aftermarket Power Cord
I bet you'll be able to see more of a difference 2 and 1/2 years from now, when the analog circuits are shut down and you're looking at pure snow on the screen.Seriously, people...either start getting digital televisions (ideally HDTV), or expect ... 
CD...then the SACD...all over again
Newbee: I *do* listen to Shirley Horn, actually. And many other very good (or great) jazz artists. I just think that Diana Krall, with her Nixon-esque ham-handed piano playing and inability to interpret lyrics or read ANY insight into a song's mea... 
CD...then the SACD...all over again
I know, I know...I can just skip the CD altogether. Still, that doesn't seem like a "solution" in the true sense of the word. It's just going without for a while (a loooong while, if it's an artist you really like).Viridian--it's not like we're ta... 
Best Speakers to Audition in the $5-10k range?
Merlin VSM-MX should definitely be on your list, IMHO. 
How many audiophiles to screw in a light bulb?
I rediscovered my light bulb collection! 
How many audiophiles to screw in a light bulb?
Three to suggest that your bulb have a balanced, silver connection on it.Three more to suggest that balanced light bulb connections only matter if you're running the light more than 30 feet. 
AAC or AppleLossless
Pardales, all 54 gigs of my iPod hard drive are songs in Apple Lossless. For what it's worth, that's about 2500 tunes...some are a minute long, some are classical or jazz pieces that last 17 minutes. Most are average, about 3-5 minutes in length.W... 
Why is Monster M1000i interconnect overlooked?
M1000i's cost $200 per meter. Many observers feel they deliver less performance at that price point than offerings from other cable manufacturers.Not trying to start a battle royal over this...just filling you in on the so-called "Conventional Wis... 
underrated or unheard of musician/band
The kid: My friend Mike and I are going to the Nats game at 7 on the 29th, then straight up to the 9:30 Club for the Westerberg show, since the doors open at 10. THAT'S the way to go out in DC! 
underrated or unheard of musician/band
I *very* much second Westerberg. Commercial close, but yet so far. When he threw down an f-bomb on Saturday Night Live in the late '80's, it cemented that he/The Mats would never achieve true popular acclaim, but it also ensured that ... 
Update Merlin TSM-Speaker Cables please
I've used Analyis Plus on my VSM-MMs. Certainly I enjoy the results, and Bobby didn't have a *problem* with my using them... 
Allman Brothers - Live at the Fillmore
I've only heard the SACD. It sounds better than about 80% of the SACDs I've heard, and I have about 75 of them. Also, I burned the redbook portion (it's a hybrid) into the iPod, and that sounds pretty solid as well. 
Review: Polk Audio Lsi 25 Speaker
I am no longer able to find the speaker at that price. My understanding is that Polk went after those dealers who were selling them too far below retail value...can't confirm that, though. 
Latest iPod Configuration -- Any New Hope?
With a couple thousand songs of Apple Lossless and Shure e5C headphones, I feel my 60 GB iPod is a pretty solid piece. The sonic quality is good enough for me considering that it's just a fancy MP3 player, and the value of having only those tracks...