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The only Denon DVD-3910 question never asked
First of all, I appreciate the highly professional feedback on this thread! We got some big-time folks responding.Alex and Kal (as well as others, of course)--would you say stereo outputs are *generally* better on machines you've worked with? I ha... 
Please define
If you're referring to listener fatigue, it's a term I personally associate with a very forward, in-your-face type of sound. When the soundstage is pushed aggressively and artificially toward me, I lose all sense of background, sublety, microdynam... 
Is SACD dead?
Don't forget jazz, either...there are a decent number of both new releases and older re-releases that I find worthwhile. I probably have 20 such SACDs as well as the significant volume of classical music available on the format. 
Cablevision and HDTV
As a lobbyist who works on telecommunications issues, I can tell you that the mandatory transition to digital television will occur on February 17, 2009.Remember though, "digital" does not necessarily mean "high definition". However, as the deadli... 
Speaker Cable for Merlin TSM-MM
I use Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval on my VSM-MMs, with excellent and reasonably affordable results. 
Most significant WAF Audio Sacrifice you made....
I prefer SAF--System Acceptance Factor. If my speakers don't like my wife, she's gone. ;-) 
Which $12 glass Toslink were people raving about?
You are probably referring to the Toslinks available from AudiogoN member captnstarstripe. I have two of his, and found them to be highly competitive against much more expensive Toslinks I tested.Quick editorial: I always found coax digital cables... 
Do people don't care or don't know?
Honestly, I think life is like this in general. I've been on friends' boats and had a blast. I've watched a baseball game from a club level suite and enjoyed the hell out of it. Some of the greatest times of my life have occured in some of the mos... 
Polk Audio LSi 15 - are these the REAL DEAL ???
I actually owned these speakers once upon a time. I found them to be just the slightest bit forward, and not quite the last word in microdynamics. Overall, though, I'd say they were a 9 out of 10 (especially at that price point).I had to upgrade a... 
NPR, Wine Tasteing, & Audiophiles
Yr44: You know me? ;-) 
Arcam AVR 300 need help
I meant via e-mail. 
Arcam AVR 300 need help
I also have this piece, and have found Arcam tech support to be pretty resposive on roughly a 24-hour basis. Have you contacted them, and they just aren't able to help you? 
Which speakers for use with iPod?
I run my iPod into my big rig through a $35 cable that plugs into the line out of the iPod's base (2-channel stereo connection on the end that runs into the receiver).Any chance this is an option for you? 
Best Speaker to use with Arcam AVR300?
Interestingly, and perhaps oddly, I'm using Merlin VSM-MMs with my Arcam AVR 300. I biamp them by taking the 6th and 7th channels and sending that power to the fronts.All I can say is, I'm happy with the results! I have no room in my rack for sepa... 
Rachmaninov for beginners
I have four copies of Piano Concerto #2, and 2 of #3. I know Lang Lang has performed both of these pieces, so you could be referring to either one (perhaps Lang Lang has performed other Rachmaninov as well).I'd say #2 is slightly more engaging and...