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Can you still get into CES on the last day?
Basically, I'll be there from late Wed. night through Friday, and am looking for a way in to peek around a little bit, if possible... 
AAC, AIFF, Lossless, MP3
I dunno, Tvad...if he has good earphones, he might be able to hear a difference. If he's using the stock pair, then I completely agree with you.On a separate note, I like how Apple lets you have much more memory at a small price premium. My 80 GB ... 
Is HDMI connection better than Component?
I would agree with these comments in 99% of all cases. However, there *is* that odd instance you hear documented every once in a while where component does legitimately look better. So, maybe borrow a decent component video cable if you can, or fi... 
Grateful for Audiogon
Don't forget about your porn star friends, Gunbei. That's been entertaining, too. :-P 
Grateful for Audiogon
Although we have lost several extremely valuable members over the last few years, this community continues to thrive. My dealings have been about 99.9% positive, and I hope you experience as much joy, laughter, and enlightenment on the GoN as I have. 
This should be controversial....hearing tests...
My hearing used to be kind of veiled, but then I moved eight inches farther out from the wall and now everything is perfect. 
DC Metro
I live on Capitol Hill, and I would definitely be interested in meeting up if we could get a crew together. I'd like to see and hear more about other people's systems, and we could do cool stuff like bring our CD players or cables to shootouts so ... 
Duke Ellington
Also, if you like Dr. John, but his "Duke Elegant" represents sort of a New Orleans jazz take on Ellington's material. 
Duke Ellington
Blue--I live on the Hill. If you ever want to go out in your neck of the woods, or to Ellington's on Eighth in my hood where you can hear Duke's music, please let me know.P.S.--I humbly recommend Duke/Louis Armstrong's The Complete Sessions (also ... 
What is best to use for SACD
If (GOD FORBID) HDMI v1.3 were to actually see the precious light of day, we might be in business. 
What Irish music will you be playing on St Pat's?
I'll be too drunk to hear.Now THAT'S drunk! 
Is Audience or Cardas a better choice than Kimber?
I'd give AP Golden Ovals a shot. With my VSM-MM's, they're a match made in heaven. 
I have HD & plasma - recommendations on AVR
Dawg, are you going to be running sources into the AVR-300 (if that's what you wound up getting?) I ask because many newer plasmas have plenty of inputs for video (HDMI, component, S-video, composite, etc.) and you don't always have to run video s... 
I have HD & plasma - recommendations on AVR
I'd consider an Arcam AVR-300. If you don't need the 6th and 7th channels, they can be bridged to bi-amp the front channels, giving 200 watts to the fronts and 100 to the other three. This is how I've arranged my system.The AVR-300 gores about $18... 
The only Denon DVD-3910 question never asked
Alex, many thanks for the explanation. Perhaps there will be a Denon DVD-3920 (with Blu Ray/HD-DVD), and we'll see how THAT piece is designed!