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This hobby is getting weird ....
No offense, but I think it might be insanity. 
What equipment do you really like?
I would really enjoy a pair of Avalon Eidelon speakers, but I can not quiet afford them(yet) so I live with there little brother Avalon Eclipse. Life is tough when given these types of choices. 
Amps and Women
My stereo always sounds better when my girlfriend is listening with, hearing her comments and ideas (unbiased). She has heard all of the studies and enjoys telling me how my stereo sounds better then I can hear, sometimes I think she is right. Che... 
Best Gunshots
The last shooting scene in the movie L.A. Confidential is not overly complex but very accurate and realistic. There are many others worth mentioning but I'll keep my list short. Heat as stated earlier just must be seen to be believed. The assisina... 
Good looking and sounding amp?
Check out MARSH amps a great overall value. 
Rock? money down the drain?
How can you spend $80 on a bottle of white wine everyone knows there is no improvement after $50, but red wine is worth at least twice a bottle of white, right???? It's all about what ever your into whether it be classical, jazz, rock, country or ... 
Who R U?
Hi everyone by the looks of things I'm a younger audiophile, 19 and spending every penny earned on my stereo. I am currently single and I am a co-owner of a garage (not your typical hi-fi enthusiast) I graduated high school when I was 16 and went ... 
Vote for the best speakers in 10K range
lots of different ideas here but in that price range I would have to go with Magnepan MG20's I don't own a pair or even a pair of planar speakers but they do somethings so well it's worth the compromise, but I have been wrong before. 
looking for an amp ???
Thanks a lot everyone this is very helpful (and un-bias) so I guess all I have to do is go out and listen and see what I find and any more comments/opinions are very welcome. once again thank you all very much. 
Why Is Krell the a bad work???
Vegasears, just sit back and listen to the music and enjoy. No matter what you do someone is going to disagree, in particular on this web-site(no offense guys). I have listened to krell amps in my stereo they just never seemed to 'mate-up' as well... 
Power Cord comparsion
I don't know about all of you but I have had some great luck with Tek-Line power cord. Tek-who you say Tek-Line, give him a call his name is Scott and he tells it like it is call 1-888-9tekline. P.S. tell him the tireguy sent you.