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Help with speakers in 1500- 2000 range
Go with used speakers, that is my best suggestion. 
New Age, Neo-Celtic, World Beat Music
Ditto, what a great post it seems some of this should be in the guilty pleasures thread started by Cornfedboy. I have ALL of the CD's you listed and listen to them a lot, but I was afraid to mention them because most other audiogon folks strongly ... 
Anyone has Marsh amp ?
I am in the same boat, I am very interested in the A-400S but find it hard to find information. I have contacted Marsh though and if you want more power wait, there will be an A-400 monoblock and another model with even more power! They are both d... 
Burn In = Voodoo?
I do not claim to have the "answer", but I have noticed a HUGE difference with cables in particular with speaker cables. When I recieved the cables I am using now(custom made Tek line Bi wire cables) I was told they have a long burn in time, I did... 
Reference Vocal/Piano/Sax/Guitar CD s
Most early David Benoit sounds very good (piano of course), also worth mentioning is Pat Coil the song "Sierra Highways" just happens to be one of my favorite recordings (he is also piano). I am sorry I do not know many super good recordings for s... 
Tuning speaker / room response?
How ever simple it might be to put this sort of thing on a thread it is still very impressive. Kudos Njonker, maybe more will follow. 
Best value for the buck speaker cables
Check out Tek line cables, the best I have listened to and not expensive at all. If you are interested send me an email and I will give you there phone number, small companies are great becuase they really care. Cheers, Tim. 
Room or Speaker what s more important?
Good Point I will keep that in mind. 
Room or Speaker what s more important?
Yeah, but a GREAT pair of speakers in a metal room will sound like they are from Radio Shack. So you can guess which I will vote for, 
Blown Fuse
I agree with Lak usually a repeated blown fuse means an actual problem and should have a professional opinion. After all you do not want a serious problem with your equipment so take care of it now, IMO. 
use balanced?
Maybe no benefits either way, it depends on your system and your ears. I suggest finding a cable company that you trust and gettting an in home trial and doing a side by side comparison, of single ended and balanced and going with what ever ou thi... 
How to Move Heavy Audio Components
One word: Youth. Find a/several younger responsible fellows to give you a hand. 
speaker cable for dna1 and avalon arcus
Kimber will mate up OK with Avalon's, I have used double runs of 8tc with my eclipse. Silver tends to blend very well with all avalon products, I ended up using Tek Line pure silver speaker wire. It is the best uncolored silver cables I have ever ... 
Best integrated tube amp under 3K
Check out Pathos, really good stuff. 
Favorite music of the 90 s
Lots of choices I was not expecting to see but I do agree with just about all of them so far......I could not begin to generate a list that small but will work on trying to do so. Keep 'em coming