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Albany NY "Capital District"
Bill, thanks for hosting such a great event, it was a lot of fun - hope you had a great flight. Good music, people, system and food what more can anyone ask for. Jacko, it was great to meet Glen and yourself. Rudy, after several years it was great... 
Speakers for Pathos TT
I am sure the Vonschweikert DB99's would be great, perhaps to much power but still a good match. I have been wanting to pick one up and try myself, I just don't have the time. If it sounds any where near as good as it looks I'd LOVE to have on in ... 
Albany NY "Capital District"
Bear, in two weeks we are having a meet at Lakefrontroads place, it is happening. 
Do Audiophiles really like music?
Dave - Tool Time was loosely based on my life ;) My name is Tim the Tireguy 
Two Questions...
This isn't a vBulletin forum their shortcuts don't work here :( 
Two Questions...
1. No2. Its probably overkillNo high's, no low's its gotta be blows... Before you throw your money away do a little more research here, there is a TON of information in the archives. For the same money you'll be able to purchase a MUCH better syst... 
Buzzing sound from VR4Sr
Unhook the speakers, do they still buzz? That's what I thought, its not the speakers. The problem is further upstream, it sounds like it is probably a ground loop causing a 60hz hum. Try ground cheaters and see if by "floating" the ground you can ... 
THE LATEST---Gold plated fuses?
They've been around for over a decade in the car audio world, the question is, is gold better? 
CES: Where have all the Argent Room Lenses gone???
Well they were kind of expensive considering Jon Risch posted how to build them for under $100 for a set of 4. They probably had a large initial campaign but lost steam due to a lack of sales. The reason they were in so many rooms was because they... 
Have you purchased from New York Sound ?
I have purchased a set of cables from him, while not the friendliest transaction I've ever had I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again in the future. He held up everything on his end of the transaction and had a great price. 
Who R U?
I am sure some of you have heard of the website myspace.com, I joined in an effort to help a friend launch his website and have found it is great getting to know more about people and groups of people... In any case I would encourage you to join i... 
The West Coast is currently blowing out other area
Thank you Mr. Devito 
The West Coast is currently blowing out other area
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? 
Given Avalon Eidleon is considered one of the best
Avalon's as a whole have a very distinct house sound, the higher up you go the more bass you get. There are so many factors, but the higher up you go the better imaging, staging, depth, etc.... over all capable of being better, in the right enviro... 
Help needed fro Accuphase owners
Leave it on unless your going away for more then a few days.