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Who is the best classical pianist alive?
Depends what they are playing, my 2 cents. 
When will your system be enough?
Themadmilkman- I think you are missing his point, I know from my experience audiophiles concentrate on the reproduction of recorded sound, music lovers concentrate on the music. I am a music lover who appreciates accurate reproduction of the recor... 
When will your system be enough?
I don't see me making much for changes any time soon, I am quite happy enjoying music and not over analyzing the sound. 
The old days, when Kelly and Carl were always fighting. When Angela, RedKiwi, Brulee, Bob_Bundus to name a few were around, it felt more like home - or rather a cool place to hang out. These days its so uptight and univiting, my 2 cents. 
What time do you wear?
In particular a rolex with beveled gears, that movement always runs fast, its near impossible to get them adjusted right. 
Worst Name for A Piece of Equipment
Sony Xplode 
First Sound vs Aesthetix
First sound, quiet and reliable. Aesthetix more of a euphonic sound. It depends what exactly your looking for in a system and what you would be mating with it as to which would be better. 
s video cable
From worst to best:Composite(single yellow RCA)S-VideoComponent(red, blue and green RCA)DVIHDMI 
A simple question from the new guy ....
Yes the pops and ticks are still there, which is the reason I've never bought a turntable. I've listened to a Rockport Sirius 2, basis 2500, VPI TNT hotrod 5(set up by Harry) and a number of other lesser tables and they all have pops and ticks tha... 
Decision between Zu Definition OR VS DB99
I would very much like to see these wonderful young guys make a go of it with their speakers.I agree, I purchased a pair of Zu WAX speaker cables when Zu was a very young company, while I hated the cables the guys over there were an absolute pleas... 
Tube virgin no more
Welcome to the Darkside Warren - have a great new year enjoying your new tube amp! 
DK Design Group X-Dream - wow
I just got an email from Larry Staples and yes they intend to show the X-Dream at the CES but they will not have them hooked up and playing. This is crazy! This has got to be the biggest tease every perpetrated on the audiophile community.I disagr... 
Decision between Zu Definition OR VS DB99
I haven't heard the VS DB99s. And specs seem sketchy.Ok?A little preamble: The DB99 is described as a 3-way, implying that it uses passive crossover elements in the signal path to all the drivers. If this is true, it would likely be the primary we... 
I never left Dave... that being said its great to be back :)Hope your having a great Christmas! 
How much does your system weigh?
340lbs for the entire system not including cables, isolation devices and room tuning. Adding all of that in would bring the total to around 525lbs - got to love simplicity and high effeciency speakers