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where should i go from here?
The best Denon you can afford, or the Arcam AV300. 
Michael Brecker...
Where did you "hear" this? 
Were to go after a Rega Planet 2000?
A used Cary 303/200, 306/200, MF 308cr or Ayre CX-7 would all be an upgrade. 
Arcam FMJ CD33 vs Cary 306/200
The Cary 306/200 or the Ayre CX7. 
What is the test of time?
Is it something you have owned an played in different formats from LP to tape to cd to sacd/dvd-a and still enjoy. Bob james, Steely Dan, Chicago, Jackson Browne. 
Dead 83-yr old sued by recording industry
Must be an argument for life after death. Perhaps you can still download in the afterworld. 
New Van Morrison disc
Better than his last two, but not in his top five. 
Help me choose new digital player
Look at the Cary for digital inputs, either the 303 or new 306 SACD. 
What music would you like at your funeral?
Where Do We Go From here - Chicago II 
Need Help with Plasma Burn In vs. DLP Decisions
Sound and Vision magazine this year has been comparing the different technologies. The preferred was plasma, followed by DLP, and then LED. They compared on several factors. Worth the read. 
B&W Nautilus 800.....where's the bass?
You must either have a room issue or an equipment malfunction. I have N802s that have tons of bass. The 800s should have more bass. However the bass really opened up when I went from the 200W Marsh amp to the 350W TriVista. 
Which Home Theater speakers for under $28,000.
Agree with Artizen65 on the B&W system. As an owner of several different B&W speakers, I like them for their accuracy, which is important in home theater. That said, I gave up trying to set up a combination HT and two channel music system ... 
Review: Marsh Sound Design P-2000 Preamplifier
I sold mine because I wanted a phono section, so I bought a Hovland. The Hovland has a great phono section, but I didn't hear much difference between the two on digital. I think this preamp is highly underrated. 
What's Absolute Best Upsampling CD Player $2K-$3K?
Obviously this is system dependent. There are many in this price range. I would look at Cary, Ayre, Meridian and Musical Fidelity. 
PMC speakers vs B&W... has anyone compared?
Typical B&W bashing. Three demos makes an expert?