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ML39 vs Meridian G08 vs Meridian 588
Meridian G08 is clearly superior to the 588 in my opinion. Haven't compared the ML39. 
seperates over integrated. Why?
The MF KW500 and TrVista are integrateds with separate power supplies. Maybe that why they sound as good as separates IMO. 
Cary 306 SACD
Have any of you 306 SACD owners tried it with their new 306 amp (500 watt class D) and preamp? What results? 
Thoughts on Plasma, LCD, DLP and which way to go
Also consider getting a set with a built-in HD receiver. Set up an antenna and you will get a lot more HD stations than with cable or satellite. 
Green Mountain Audio at RMAF
Why would I inquire about the model of the speaker that was unimpressive? We listened, and then moved on. I was expecting a great sound, based on previous postings. I did not hear it. Hearing and taste are personal. It did nothing for me. By the w... 
Cary 306 SACD
When I tested the 306-200 it would not read the RW disc that I had brought with me. Does the 306 SACD read Rw discs? 
Green Mountain Audio at RMAF
Not sure which model of Green Mountain, but a monitor. The Von Schweikert VR4Sr, Audio Physic Scorpio both were much more impressive to me. The Green Mountains seemed lifeless and uninteresting IMO. 
What is the difference btwn dolby digital and dts?
The new Perfect Vision has an article of the next generation Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD. Apparently major improvements. 
Green Mountain Audio at RMAF
I found them disappointing. Not up to the Von Schweikert or Audio Physics. 
Using Bad Recording to Evaluate a System
One of the reasons I like my system so much (MF 308cd, MF Trivista Int. Amp, Nautilus 802s, all silver wiring, dedicated 20 amp lines and BPT 3.5) is that the old cds sound rally good. Cds from the 70s (Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, & Cat Stev... 
Denon DVD 2900 problems with SACD
I had a similar problem with a 2910 -- fairly new. Playing multichannel disks it first displayed this behavior on SACD. I have just bought the SACD so I thought it was the disk and took the disk back. Bought the same album in DVD-A format and this... 
How good is the Musical Fidelity A5?
How is the A5 different from the 308, besides the obvious tubes? 
Arcam DV79 and Samsung DLP - your thoughts please
The new DLPs are 1080p. 
Musical Fidelity Trivista 300 vs. kW500
I have the TriVista. Although I love the TriVista, I spoke to my retailer about "moving up" to the KW500 (we all do this don't we?). His opinion was that the two are different, but the KW500 is not necessarily better. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Jackson Browne: "I thought I was a child until you turned and smiled."