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Ayre CX-7e or Meridian G-08?
Both very good players. I have not a new the G-08 for under or at $3k. Most on this website would advise the Ayre, and you can probably get it for less money. It, as usual, probably depends on how it works in your system. If 3k is a firm limit the... 
Home theater furniture - husband vs. wife
Agree on the Salamander. A lot of variety, and looks good in the living room. 
Are the Beatles the reason why modern music exists
Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Fats Domino and many others prior to the Beatles. 
hdmi to dvi compatibility
Slightly diffrent question. My HD TV has one HDMI input. I have been using it from my Denon 2910 DVD. I just upgraded my cable box, so that I now have HDMI output form the box. Does it make more sense to run the HDMI ffrom the cable box? Will I no... 
Amp for B&W 802N
If you can find a used TriVista Integrated you will be set. It sounds great with these speakers. The 350 watts doesn't hurt. 
Can anyone recommend a smooth, rich CD player?
I would listen to the Cary 303/300. Listen to the tube output. It is special. 
Panasonic th-50px60u plasma -vs- Sony kds-r50xbr1?
I really like the Sony. However, the Panasonic plasma would be my choice of plasmas. The Panasonics seem to give the best picture for the price. Unfortunately I have seen neither in standard definition, but both excel in HD. 
Advice Sought
Agree on the SXRD. For DVD, another format war. HD-DVD comes out this month, Toshiba for $499. I have heard the Blue Ray machine (Sony?)will cost $1800 and is coming out in the summer. 
New Sony Bravia LCD ?
SXRD is 1080p LCOS, whereas the Bravia is 720p LCD. 
Musical Fidelity kw dm25 Transport & DAC
Where was the review? Were you listening through tubes or solid state (if you know)? 
How long do speakers last?
Billy doesn't sound as good as he used to. Mayebe he was left in direct sunlight. 
CDP for MF A308 integrated
Look around. I think you can get the A308cd within your budget. It is a very good product. I have one driving the MF TriVista Int Amp, and am very impressed. 
How is Wadia with fast dynamic music ?
Ayre cx-7 sounds like what you are looking for. 
Need help making TV decision
The new 40" Sony Bravia XBR LCD is quite impressive. Can be had for $3k. 
Any Comments On Musical Fidelity KW Monoblock Amps
Another MF basher who hasn't even heard the amp in question?