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Blind Shoot-out in San Diego -- 5 CD Players
Interesting that the last to be tested was the preferred. Results might change if the order was different. Psychology always affects perception. Also, once the group decided that the last choice was best, was this player then compared back against... 
AVR receivers
There are a number of considerations. For example, do you want HDMI connections? Are you going to have 5.1 or 7.1? Warm sound or crisp/sharp sound? What kind of speaker connections do you have/want? 
which technology really has the best picture
If you don't have to have a flat panel, I wouldn't buy one. The SXRD by Sony has a great picture, and a more than reasonable price. If you read AVS forum, you will find that most of the flat panels have problems (banding, clouding, burn in). Not s... 
Home Theater help?
I disagree. I find a noticeably better picture in the 1080p tvs, particularly the Sonys, all the way down to 40". 
Troubles w/ Cary 306 SACD cutting off discs at end
Yes. They are supposed to provide a downloadable fix on their website. Still waiting. 
Best Live Shows 2006 ?
Steely Dan and Michael McDonald at Red Rocks -- everyone was out of their seats rockin. 
BMI power cord with Musical Fidelity KW 500amp
I use a Michael Wolff Gain 2 pc with the TriVista, and am quite satisfied. 
Musical FidelityWhich Integrated is best value?
I have the Trivista and love it. Great deatil, liquid sound. The phono is just ok if you have moving coil -- compared to the Hovland 100 preamp which has amazing phono. 
Is the Cary CD306 & CD300/303 better
Nice summary. The 303-300 is special, particularly run through the tube output. The 306 SACD is really special. 
Agree that Hovland is particularly strong in it's phono section. If you play vinyl, then definitely the Hovland. 
CDP to replace vinyl
Cary 303-300 would go well. Lots of adjustments for slight sound changes, all available on the remote. 
Are ICEpower amps really that good?
Dissonance reduction is common when you have just bought a product. 
Help with Tri-Vista Phono Section.
I had the dealer flip the switches when I bought it, as it does default to MM. As I remember there is nothing in the literature and no labeling on the switches. We flipped both switches. 
Help w/ weird big-screen tuning issue?
Are you using a digital box for each tv? If so, same model? 
best digital set up 2006
If you are looking used, you probably aren't looking 2006.