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4ohm or 8ohm on B&W CDM-7nt?
“I figured I should be able to get a decent answer here.”Sorry to say that so far you have not. The first 4 replies apply to tube amps or a Mac with autoformers. I assume you are talking about the 4 ohm/8 ohm switch on the back of your solid state... 
Where to get belts for Yamaha PX-3?
Try PRB belts at Russell Industries 
Technical Dilemma
Llanger, You’re welcome, and good luck on a resolution to your problem. 
Technical Dilemma
"sound emanating is weak and muffled" I'm thinking blown tweeter. 
Best rock cover songs, list your favorites
Stormy Monday - Allman Brothers, for sure, also, Albert King w/Stevie Ray VaughanMystery Train - Junior WellsBig Log - Viktor Krauss (vocals by Alison)That's All Right - Paul McCartney 
Subwoofer connection for Fisher 500c
Lloydelee21, appreciate your agreement, however, “speaker cables to sub and speaker cables back to your speakers” is not possible with the ULD-18. The only input to the amp/controller is line level RCA. The speaker level to line level adapter conn... 
Subwoofer connection for Fisher 500c
You are correct that the crossover is preset with no adjustment. Since the amp/controller only has RCA line level connections and the 500C has no preamp out, but does have a tape out, are you connecting this tape out to the amp/controller? If so, ... 
Bi-wire v's single with jumper leads.
Jkorten, since you opened the can of worms, here is something else for you to read that talks about more than just the intermodulation issue.Bi-wire, not only an advantageIf you like bi-wire, great, I'm happy for you. In reference to the OP, I pre... 
Line level Cable selector for subwoofer
Here's a good quality, simple solution.Niles PS-1 
Parents need clear sounding 2 ch HT
Actually had some experience with this a couple of years ago while working at an A/V dealer. Jmcgrogan2 is on the right track, however it seem to work best IME, to boost the treble more than the amount of roll off in the bass. I think this is due ... 
Using AVR Direct Mode for external amps
He stated basically, the basic preamp internals would probably be identical to the AVR.Not likely, AVR's use some sort of an electronic/digital volume control, and stereo preamps generally use an analog VC.If you need the AVR for HT, then use a st... 
Help me recommend some speakers for a friend
Another vote for the Tekton M-Lore, should work extremely well with the Yaqin amp. 
Some sellers are very sensitive if you ask the date of manufacture of a component.That would make me wonder what else they wanted to hide. 
Guess we need a "Price Police", not going to happen. The current new price, original price, or what someone actually paid to a dealer are all considered retail. Should I buy a used piece of equipment, and know the price is fair, compared to market... 
AV Receiver that deals with 6ohm speakers
If NAD has a reason to “CYA”, then it’s only true with a few of their products. Most of the A/V receivers are rated for a minimum of 4 ohms. Looks like the amp stage is NOT the same for all of their receivers. Stereophile link is for the RS6, and ...