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AV Receiver that deals with 6ohm speakers
I also find it hard to believe NAD, considering their reputation, can’t handle a 6 ohm load, however, the back of the T 748 and its owner’s manual state, 8 ohm minimum. Sounds like the guys at Crutchfield are well informed. I’m thinking different ... 
Sonic improvement with Threshold FET 9 refurb?
The “e” power supply was the most significant upgrade. Later the main unit was tweaked, with the addition of balanced input/output, and a slight cosmetic change.Absolutely contact Jon Soderberg, he was at Threshold for many years during that time.... 
Sonic improvement with Threshold FET 9 refurb?
There were 3 versions of the FET9, which one do you have?1)Original2)Original with “e” power supply (FET9 on unit and “e” on the supply)3)Full FET9e (FET9e on unit and “e” on the power supply) 
Best Center Channel For CM9 Fronts???
The absolute perfect match would be another CM9. If you can't do that, then CMC2. Why would another brand match better than what B&W designed to go with CM9's? 
System shutting down due to clipping?
Blueskiespbd, check your manual again, page 20. There is a 6 ohm option, if your receiver is the RX-A1000. 
3.5mm to bare wire/spade lug remote turn on cable
Actually, it is a 3.5mm mono(tip +/ sleeve -). This should work,http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103854Bare wire end (center conductor +/ outer conductor -)If you need more than 6', get a longer 3.5mm mono cable, cut one end ... 
how much power
Something else to consider is that the Denon receiver is rated for a minimum impedance of 6 ohms, and the speakers are 4 ohms. I’m not sure if this would be a problem with just a pair of speakers, but running a full surround system, I think it cou... 
Best cover songs?
Holly Cole's album "Temptation" (a tribute to Tom Waits)"Mystery Train" , so many good covers, Junior Wells is my favorite (Junior Parker)"Big Log" Allison Krausse/Viktor Krausse (Robert Plant) 
Russian 6C33C Tube Testing and Matching
Check with TC Tubes. He offers a tube testing service using the Amplitrex AT1000, one of the best, if not the best tube tester available. This will test the 6C33C. A good friend bought some KT-88's from him, and was very pleased. 
which adcom preamp?
The switches on the 555 are for using a low output MC cartridge. Using this type of cartridge on the 555mk2 and 565 would require an additional device. High output MC and MM cartridges can be used on all.Preouts:555 - NORM out is capacitance coupl... 
Zu Druid MK IVs vs. Essences
Klein,Here's a review for the Omen Def that you might find interesting. The reviewer kept the speakers, and also said another pair he wanted to keep after reviewing was the Reference 3A Grand Veena.http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue54/zu_defs.htm 
Need help for my HT,looking to upgrade my speakers
Tesseract86, you are most welcome.Knownothing, I now remember the original CM1 did not have the Nautilus tweeter tube that is used in the new one, and there may be other differences.The 600 series is great sound for the money. The CM series is bet... 
Need help for my HT,looking to upgrade my speakers
Let me first say that prior to retiring, I worked 25 years in the audio industry, designing and selling systems for stereo or home theater, with B&W being one of the brands used.The CM1 was actually introduced prior to the 705, along with a CM... 
Need help for my HT,looking to upgrade my speakers
805's are your best choice. The HTM2 is basically an 805 in a different shaped cabinet. 
Integrated or speakers
Musicrover, I have a pair of original A-25's in a secondary system, and thought about upgrades for them. Can you give me some direction on this?