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Integrated or speakers
I do agree with the suggestion for getting a woman, however, for the system, am I correct that the Yamaha Integrated has spring clips for speaker connections? If so, replace it first. Are the A-25's original with new tweeters? 
Integrated or speakers
Well said Learsfool, something like; garbage in, garbage out. Also agree that amp and speakers need to match. Good speakers can sound poor with the wrong amp. 
Musical Fidelity A5, Simaudio I-5 or Krell s300i
For Musical Fidelity, the A308 is a better choice than the A5. I've used Musical Fidelity for years, original X-series, A3, A308, and A5. Currently use the A308, as it has been the best so far. Although rated at less power than the A5, the A308 so... 
Addiction to Brand
Musical FidelityJM ReynaudVintage Tube - H H Scott 
Can i hook up a amp to my rotel rsx 1056?
Yes, the RSX-1056 has preouts. What is your reason to add the amp? What speakers? Do they need more power? 
best class a amp for a grand?
Absolutely agree with a Forte 4, and if one does come on the market, it won't last long. 
Energy RC-10's and tube amps
Most speakers rated sensitivity is for an anechoic chamber, however some companies will show a room sensitivity which is generally 3db higher. You should consider the 88db. Also, the RC-10's have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, with a 4 ohm minimum... 
Opinions on what to upgrade first; speakers or DAC
I must agree with Thedautch. Source is extremely important for a quality sound. You could have megabucks invested in amplification and speakers with a mediocre CD player, and all you would get is the ultimate ability to hear how mediocre the CD pl... 
Replacement for Nordost Cables in my system?
I agree with your impression of the Nordost. I used Blue Heaven, SPM, and Valkyrja with MF A308 and A5 integrated amps, and always thought the top end was somewhat rough. If ProAc makes speaker cables, try them. If they don't, find out the source ... 
Speaker cables for Zu Omens??
Glad to help, and hope you enjoy the Zu speakers as much as my friends and I do. 
Speaker cables for Zu Omens??
Zu Mission Cable is the perfect match. The Omens are wired internally with the same wire in the Mission Cables, so then you have the same wire from amp connection to the cabinet, and through the cabinet to the driver. Anything else results in two ... 
Speaker cables for Zu Omens??
Zu cables are the "obvious" choice, so why consider anything else? 
Tube pre-amp upgrade from Mcintosh C2300
Have you tried any tube upgrades in the C2300? I have a friend that has a MC402 with a C2200, and he did some tube upgrades with very good results. 
Connect Pioneer Elite AVR to Simaudio Integrated
Check your i3.3 manual, and use the "pass-through" function. 
Subwoofer connection to integrated
I agree to run the monitors and sub separately, but the low pass will not affect the monitors the other way. The output speaker connectors on the sub will either be full range or a high pass filter, which is generally a fixed frequency, and not af...