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Subwoofer connection to integrated
Look at subwoofers very carefully, as many do not have high pass filters. The crossover adjustment is for the low pass filer. The extra set of connectors are there for convenience only. Call the manufacturer's tech support when in doubt. 
2ch amp and HT receiver connected to same speakers
Good answer Swampwalker, this is the problem many times. Of course, the simple test is to have everything hooked up using the HT bypass, but with the incoming CATV from the wall disconnected from the system. If the hum is gone, an isolation transf... 
2ch amp and HT receiver connected to same speakers
I'm still thinking to solve the ground loop. I've helped lots of buddies hook up using HT bypass, or just taking front preouts to an input on the preamp, then always setting it's volume control to the same position. It's hard for me to believe the... 
2ch amp and HT receiver connected to same speakers
What have you done to eliminate the ground loop? 
Adding Sub to current system
Just happen to think of a trick for placement. Place the sub where you sit, and play the system. Walk around the perimeter of the room and listen. When you find a spot that has the best sound, that's where the sub goes. 
Adding Sub to current system
Transnova,I agree that REL subs may be on the cutting edge for this issue of corner placement, but as a general rule, many will "BOOM". I helped a friend with his ML sub, retail at well over $3000, owners manual said corner. Tried everything with ... 
Adding Sub to current system
Corner placement of a sub will give you the most non-musical "BOOM". Back wall or side wall away from corner will be a better response. What amp is driving your speakers? 
Budget integrated amps for garage system
I agree with Valinar, speakers are most important for playing loud, as they determine this to a much greater degree than the amp. I would consider something like Klipsch outdoor speakers with the NAD. Some of these speakers have a sensitivity of 9... 
good cable for internal speaker wiring
Good answer, Coolhand. Makes perfect sense to have the same wire from amp connection to the cabinet, and through the cabinet to the drivers. Why would you want two different types of wire in series with each other? 
Has anyone use bel canto s125's with totem forests
I agree, why compromise music listening if it's the main use of the system. Also, some integreted stereo amps have a HT bypass option, but if not, they are still ways around this. Using a larger power amp driven from HT receiver preouts will not e... 
speaker cable upgrade
What's the other equipment in the system? 
PS Audio DL3 signal input querstion
I just looked at the BD85 manual, and it sounds like the "off" position could output 96k, if the disc is encoded for this. I do believe the DL3 will only decode a 48k signal. Sounds like a question for Panasonic tech support. 
PS Audio DL3 signal input querstion
I may need to rethink my second statement. I was assuming older DVD player, and this is Blu-Ray. Consult owners manual or try it either way. 
PS Audio DL3 signal input querstion
Set to PCM. The other setting for 96k does not affect the digital output. 
Shindo preamp with Mcintosh MC252
Why not use a McIntosh C220? They are designed to go together. Should be a perfect match. I have a friend using this combo, and he loves it.