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Cryo valves- any experince?
OK thanks. I will not try cryo.I am very pleased with the Winged C EL34. Much better that my previous JJ tubes.Any suggestions of other brand EL34 to test? I am a newbie to tubes and wants to try different options. 
New tubes suggestions?
I just changed EL34 in my LAmayro int tube amp ( a swedish design) from JJ to winged C and the difference was stunning. The "c":s was so much better. 
Which preamp is good for mcintosh mc275?
I agree c220 is the one!! 
Subwoofer vibration foot isolators????
I got my Velodyne DD18 on 3 A.R.T Q dampers. It cleared up the bass a lot. Not so expensive! 
Shipping heavy speakers from USA to Europe?
Ok Thanks. Hope they not have the weigth limitations that other companies have. 
Emm Labs CDSA-old version vs new tray version?
Thabk you. I think I will have mine upgraded! 
Lindsey Buckingham
I really like "Live at the Bass Performance Hall". It is both a CD and DVD. The DVD is fantastic showing what an exellent artist (fantastic guitar playing) Lindsey is. The DVD has very good sound! In fact almost better that the CD! 
Esbjorn Svensson...RIP
I have just seen and listen to E.S.T. only DVD concert "Live in Stockholm" from 2000. A fantastic DVD that shows an incredible tigth band in the borderline between jazz and rock. It has a fantastic sound aswell!! 
Esbjorn Svensson...RIP
Esbjorn was very liked and famous here in his native country Sweden. His death top the news. He was only 44 and left a wife and 2 children. So sad.I was some years ago to a fantastic E.S.T. concert at the big Stockholm Concert house. Is was sold o... 
Which Amps for Audio Artistry Beethoven?
I struggled with the setup. It is easy to get 95% performence out of them. But to get it 100% you have to move them a fraction af an inch. Then listen then move them again. It took hours. I have a wood floor and it is not stable and the main panel... 
Which Amps for Audio Artistry Beethoven?
Perhaps its my pair of Beethovens you bougth? I sold my set and since that it has changed owner 3 times I think.I and my Audiophile Buddies have a lot of experince with the Beethoven, A wonderful speaker but SO very difficult to match with the rig... 
Emm labs Dcc2 se + cdsd se vs CDSA?
I have now talked to a guy here in Sweden who has tested them both. He says that they have the same character but the separate units is a bit better in every area, estimated a sound quality improvment about 20 to 30%. 
Emm labs Dcc2 se + cdsd se vs CDSA?
Thanks for answer.Did Harry Pearsson compare the CDSA with the separate units? 
McIntosh C1000 tube pre vs. ARC Ref 3?
aballThe 220 replaced a Rowland Synergy 2i. Also very good but the C220 clearly better. 
McIntosh C1000 tube pre vs. ARC Ref 3?
I have a Mac 220 pre (Ayre V1xe,Silverline Grand La Folia, Ayre CD5xe) and a friend have a Ref 3 (DIY Orion,ATI amps, Reiymo CDP). We changed preamps for some days. In my system ref 3 has more warmth, more bloom and a fantastic big soundstage almo...