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Can tube amps give true high end bass?
Thanks all for your imput. I learned a bit more!!The old "fact" that you need big transistor amp to get solid deep bass seems gone.My Silverline speakers seems to love tubes, especially in the low bass!My McIntosh c220 (tube)/ Ayre V1xe are really... 
Consonance Droplet CDP owners
In contrast I have found the Droplet to be exellent sounding.Varm lifelike big soundstage etc. Perhaps the cheapest way to get a hint of high end! 
Any Opinios on Genesis II.5
Thanks for answers. The 4 feet from wall is troubling me.I can get them so far out from back wall but not from side wall. Perhaps to big for me.I have a friend here who is Infinty freak and he says that a big Infinty/Genesis will challeng my belov... 
Why dosome high pwr amps fail to drive some spkrs?
With drive I mean the ability to drive my 2 10`in each main panel of my speakers. I know that Audio Artistry used Rowland on shows 1998-99 so my logic choiche was the 8 TiHC where HC stand for High current" "more then double the current output" to... 
Why dosome high pwr amps fail to drive some spkrs?
"May 17, 2004As I'm in Europe, I will be pleased if you can help me. I own one system made with EMM Labs, Halcro dm10 and dm68, and Avalon Eidolons, and sometimes I think that the sound is a little thin, that it needs more weight. As I know that y... 
Why dosome high pwr amps fail to drive some spkrs?
Both Rowland and Halcro was used with Rowland Synergy pre and in the case of 8 TiHC that would be hard to call it a mismatch.IC was standard 1 meter long both btween pre and xover and 1,5 m to amp. I have asked Rowland about the problem but they n... 
The Cable Company - Wow
Cable company turnd down my reguest to sell my Silversmith cables to them. They would no even give me a price suggestion. They say the cables was to old. Now Stereophile has tested S. cables and really loved them!! Are the Silversmith silver cable... 
How good is the Esoteric p70/D70 to 0X-1, or other
Thanks for your very informative answer. It has helped me much!Any idea of the price of APL NWO-1.Ulf 
Amp stands for Krell 450 monos?
Thanks for answer. Nice system you have Dgad!Any more suggestions beside Sound Anchor? 
APL 3910 owners, has anyone tried APL upsampler?
To AlexYou told me 6 months ago that you perhaps would have a 230V version of your modded 3910 out soon. Since then I have send mejl to you asking about this European version but got no answer. How is things going with this project? 
Krell amps and Tube Preamps - enemies?
I asked Audio Research if I can use a Refr 2 mk2 pre to my Krell 450monos. They answered:Teh ref2 mk2 has 4+MFD output capacitors, ie it is NOT direct coupling. We use it with our solid state power amps and have experinced no DC problems. They hav... 
Sonic difference 1.0m vs 1.5m digital cable
I bougth a used PAD Digital cable and it was 1,5 m. Way longer that I need. I was told that this length was the best.I asked this Q to Jim Aud of Pad and also to the owner of Sterovox and both answered that the length has no effect on the sound. 
Muse model 9 sig CD player how good?
I had a 9 sign g 3 for years. A very good player and you get DVD as a bonus (with very good sound). I compared it to a Wadia 860x in my system and it was at the same level. I have replaced it with a Forsell Air Bearing transport and Forsell DAC. B... 
How good is Muse 11 universal player?
Thanks Jfrech! I just wonder why there are no test of the MUSE players nowdays in USA. I havent seen one in years! 
Wadia 860 upgrade to 861
What was the cost for 860 to 861SE?