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Speaker question for RMAF attendees
Are you thinking of Nordost's room with Raidho X Monitors? 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Barber's adagio for strings always moves me as does Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma. What a terrific thread, I hope it runs another decade. 
Jadis Orchestra Signature Bias Adjustment
I have an illustration of the bias resistors and pots involved. Send me your email and will get it out to you. 
Best cables for Jadis DA88 Signature
Pierre Gabriel, voiced for Jadis and used by them at all trade shows. 
Prefered Freight Company
Bax will not insure speakers for more than 500.00 under any circumstances. YRC has been great and their rates are very competitive. 
smallest footprint cd player
Resolution Audio Opus 21. 9.5 inches wide & 9.8 inches deep. 
What to use - a McIntosh MC202 or a MC7300?
I would think the MC1's would be harder to drive than your center. Keep the 2 MC352's to power your front and rear and mono the 202 for your center. The MC202 would be a nicer match as it uses the newer end caps that would align with the MC352's, ... 
any early 80's alt/soft punk fans out there?
Correction, Chris Rea. 
any early 80's alt/soft punk fans out there?
Peter Murphy All night long, and the entire New Order Substance CD. P Fur's Heaven, President gas, and love my way all great tunes. Although not soft punk Chris Rhea brings back some wonderful memories during the late 80's in the Greek Islands. 
Best ss pwr amp for LS26
A pair of Mcintosh MC275 amps in mono at 150 wpc. Ive heard the LS26 with 1 Mac and it was impressive at 75 watts. Excellent bass, midrange bloom with good resolution in the highs and excellent decays. Very hard to beat in their price range, under... 
I am sick of cables
Maybe you should pursue a less stressful endeavor such as tube rolling? ; ) 
Audiophiles get NO respect
If my blue meters could only talk....; ) 
Rolled some 12ax7's recently...
Philips 12ax7wa ECG floats my boat, a fantastic tube will lots of air and weight in bass. 
Altis Audio Reference Manual
I have one if you just bought the non tube version. Email me your fax number and will get it out to you. Regards John 
MC 402 vs. MC 7300
Winger, at the CES last year they had the Dali MS5 or 4 with the MC402 and MCD201 direct sans preamp and it sounded fantastic. I dont usually care for CD direct but this combination had excellent synergy. I could only imagine how much better it wo...