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tube rolling Mac 275 mk IV
If its in your budget try replacing the 12at7 with telefunken ecc801s first, I noticed much better top end with improved resolution and clarity. 
McIntosh Preamps
All 3 preamps you've mentioned are excellent choices. I would also consider a Cary slp 90,94, or older 98 to fit your budget. The vintage mcintosh preamps were a little to soft and lacked resolution, the Cary gave my MC30's a little more bite and ... 
hifi audio in movies
Aruthur,check out the clubhouse scene in Stepford wives. HT rig with pair of mc1201's and mc2000 behind the bar. Jack Nicholson also has a nice Mcintosh rig in As good as it gets. 
tube rolling Mac 275 mk IV
Genalex KT88's work very well with my mc275, go for the GEC model and save a few hundred on a quad. Telefunkens and bugle boys will work well with the 12ax7 and 12at7, many choices there depends on your budget. Get rid of those stock chinese mac t... 
Tube preamp suggestions.
Thanks Jtg, but Prat was not my priority. Too many tubes on the supratek to remember but after seeing another thread on AA I decided not to pursue the issue. Have been looking at some Joule Electras here on agon, might try an la100 just for kicks.... 
Opinions on VTL-IT 85 paired with Silverline Sonat
My Mcintosh 75 watt tube integrated drove them well with authority. Shouldnt have any problems. 
Mcintosh MC2000
200 more were reissued supposedly for the Asia, but they all ended up back on the US market. Their serial numbers run from the 600 to 700 series. They are identical to the first 500 units, I beleive the retail was also dropped to 12,000 so this ex... 
Interconect cables?
So many to try for 200 to 300 used, use Audiogon as a library and try 2 different ones a month. Shipping is always cheap and resale easy. Au24, cardas, kimber , knock yourself out. 
Amp for Totem mani 2 for around $1000
For your budget I would try the Sonographe SA400 by Conrad Johnson, lots of power for those Manis with a $750 to 800 price tag used they are a bargain. Combine with an SC25 or SC26 preamp and your set to go for under 1200. Cant think of anything b... 
Audiophile Electrocution
I grabbed the power supply of my Cary preamp thinking my buddy had unplugged it from the wall. I wrapped my index finger over the detachable connection cord and nearly swallowed my tounge. 8 perfect pin burnmarks was a good reminder to slow down a... 
Altos or Utopia
I owned both and sold the Altos to get the Utopias. The Utopia filled my room better with mids and bass, however having a bright room they eventually became very fatiguing, had very simillar results with the Wilson Sophia too. The Altos just didnt... 
Warmer sounding CD Players?
Sonic frontiers SFCD1 isnt out of your league, only uses 2 6922 a few different pairs and have some fun. No risk buy, they always move in the 800 to 1000 range. 
MCD7000 outputs fixed or variable?
Fixed, tried the variable straight to amp with very poor results. 
Queen on American Idol
What about that ghetto chic from hell, didnt she look like a crumb character from Traffic? Thats all I have to say about that... 
pipedreams 18 & external crossover manual
Did you get the melos crossover for your 18's?