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Componets first, cables second?
As always so many opinions and no concrete conclusion, Mr Tennis makes a very valid point about experience being the best teacher. You have a wonderful system that easily must have cost you over 10K and hours of research. Why not invest 2 or 3k an... 
Componets first, cables second?
Synergy is a word often used to describe a good sounding system. I think both are equally important and should be well thought out and included in your budget. DO not sacrifice on cabling, otherwise you will never know what your player is capable of. 
Speakers under $750.00...Preposterous Notion?
Vintage klipsch speakers like Heresy and Forte might work for you, could even have $$$ left over for a Chinese Tube integrated. 
joy killing refridgerator
Hah, what a coincidence. Was listening to Ella this morning and had enough, Grabbed the Sharpie, marked the breaker and off it went. Ahhh, Bliss! 
McIntosh MC275Mk4 with a pre or Mcintosh 6900?
I assume your study is a small room, stay with the mc275. Cremonas with tubes in a cozy 120 sq ft room, doesnt get any better. Try a few differnt preamps, Cary slp98, Joule la100, so many good choices here. You probably dont even know how good you... 
Joshua Tree
Thanks all, was just getting tired of the audiophile fare of Dire Straights & gang. Will try the Jap release Rja. I wouldnt have Bono any other way, his obession with himself is part of his charm. 
The most romantic jazz ballads, nocturn or blues
Dexter Gordon BALLADS on Blue Note will get the blood flowing. 
What is "polite" sound?
Polite by me is interpreted as opposite of forward...a laid back presentation. I find Verity and Vandersteen fit this description. 
What song best describes you or your life?
The long and winding road... 
Insanely Expensive....and Worth Every Penny
As a tweak I think the Harmonix Golden Toe TU-210 zx tuning feet. 900.00 per component but jewel like finish is one of a kind. 
McIntosh MC252 vs. MC352
If your room isnt too large I wouldnt bother with either, Ive tried the 390s direct and it sounded lean with the Mcintosh. The new silk tweeters on the Duette would sing with tubes and I think the Mcintosh MA2275 integrated would be a better choic... 
Best power cord for McIntosh MC 501 monoblocks
I had very good results with Harmonix x-dc studio master on my ma2275. Switched out from the Shunyata alpha and found the harmonix to sound more detailed and and livlier. 
6550s vs kt88s for a mac 275 amp
Roll the Chinese original Mcintosh 12ax7 and 12at7's with Mullards for warmth and smoothness if you prefer a rolled off softer top end. 
I am looking for a CD player that has the ........
Koala Tube Bluenote. 
Greek Audiophile - Documentary Video
Ive followed their website for years, excellent short but as a greek myself I was wondering why they were listening to Krall and Barber, where's Sfakianaki and Mitropanos pethia? Give those nicotine and ouzo laced vocals spin with those glorious t...