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What are your fav “Off Hollywood” films
I found Fargo brilliant, seen it a dozen times it always makes me laugh. 
JM Labs Altos
The Altos can be fabulous but you must make sure you have the proper room for them. The BE tweeter could be bright in a poor dampened room and bass will not be full if attention to traps and absorbtion are not correct. Mezzos cabinet have higher r... 
Vandersteen 5A vs Mcintosh XRT28
Xrt28 uses 32 1 inch soft dome tweeters, eardrums will remain intact. ;-) 
How to replace bulbs in McIntosh MX130?
Mcintosh sells them for a buck each, might be 2.00 now. Some light soldering is needed but pretty easy to change. Do yourself a favour and swap out all the bulbs, the others are sure to follow. 
Center & Rears To Match Avalon Indra?
Check out Isophon FRC, I heard the Arabbas at the CES along with the Indras and in my opinion both the Indras and Arabbas were my favorites. 
SF Auditors or Mcintosh Amp?
Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, if you liked the mc275 and c220 then go for the MA2275 Mcintosh integrated. Shave a year off your goal. 
Finding ultra-pure water locally...
Not an expert here but wouldn't boiling water then running it thru a charcoal filter work? 
Whats your "best of CES 2008"
Speakers was my main point of interest, Avalon Indra and Isophon really stood out for me. Was a fantastic opportunity to hear the the ceramic mids with both the Western Electric 300b amp in the Isophon room against the solid state DC amps in the A... 
McIntosh MC-60 Binding Terminals
Please do NOT make any external mods to your MC60, it will kill the value of this timeless Mcintosh classic. 
Moving away from tubes. Is this a good idea?
Get your feet wet and go for a hybrid integrated that uses tubes only in the preamp section. Bat vk300, older version with 6922, or if you have the scratch then go for an Einstein. If your not limited to an integrated then the sky is the limit wit... 
christmas music
Johnny Mathis for me hands down, I enjoy a little " Schlock " during the holidays. 
what kind of audiophile are you ?
All 3! 
Best sound at RMAF
I enjoyed room 509, Amber Wave tube amp and the Intuitive Design speakers. Hard to believe those small 2 way Summits filled the room with such authority, bass was amazing and the speakers just gripped every note. Those Monos sure threw off some he... 
Tubes for Cary CD301
Ive tried many 12au7's and found great success in the inexpensive Jan Philips 5814a for 7 to 12 dollars a tube. Lots of air snd detail, a real pleasure in my Jadis. Im sure the PQ Amperex is a nice tube but give the Jan a try before you drop some ... 
Anyone use Audiogon "Wanted" Ads Success?
Wish they were still free, half the fun on agon was the wanted section. Posted 1 once and felt like I had a bullseye taped to my forehead...silly offers at full retail and in 1 case even higher.