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Ortofon's new A95 - titanium SLM cartridge
Yes this is interesting. I have an A90 on a Talea II and will be interested in getting one of these in the future although only a limited run. 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Keith Jarrett Trio, Carnegie Hall, December 2013. Fantastic evening. 
Does anyone love the First Watt SIT2
What other preamps would work well with the SIT in addition to the CSLS? 
Music Servers - Baetis vs. Music Vault
Jeffkad,In response to your questions:Q1: Is there a difference between the USB and SPDIF outputs in terms of sound quality? Is one better than the other, and by how much? A1: A good question and in general much of this is dependent on the DAC des... 
Music Servers - Baetis vs. Music Vault
I would second the support provided by John Mingo - a lovely guy and a class act. I purchased the Baetis Revolution II several months ago for my two channel system but due to work have only recently got around to using it. I have been ripping unco... 
Recommend an "adiophile worthy" pen?
Music Server vs Computer?
I second the comments on the Baetis. I have been using it in my system and against my APL two box digital (which includes an Esoteric transport) it is very impressive and holds its own although I still haven't done extensive comparisons as of yet.... 
Porter Ports or Cabledyne Cryo Hubbell 5362
On a related point, I have some Porter Ports and now looking to buy some grey cover plates to use with them. Any idea where I can source these? It would need to be online as I live in Brazil. Thanks 
Marian McPartland
She will be greatly missed. Great pianist and I loved her show. Some of the interviews she did were legendary including with Bill Evans. 
Premium guitar cables? Do they exist?
Evidence Audio. Good cable from guitar to amp makes a huge difference. 
Guitar's...what do the audionuts play?
1928 Gibson L-5. Steve Andersen M16 Archtop. Fender American Standard Stratocaster. Epiphone Emperor Joe Pass with Gibson 57 pickups. Jorge Raphael Classical Guitar. Clarus headamp and Buscarino Chameleon speaker. SeQuel Tribute tube amp. 
Speaker Cables With SET Amps
Ocellia Reference or ASI Liveline 
what are the Best Direct to amps Digital Players ?
Recommend an audition of Alex Peychev's digital players from APL HiFi 
Tap-X Autoformer Bent Audio
I have one that I may sell. Send me a PM 
Power Strip
Thanks Camb and yes, Audiopax did recommend not using any power conditioner. However, because of the particular design of the amplifiers, they operate better on a balanced power supply using separate phases (whatever that means) and they have stro...