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Ocellia cables IC why not much talk?
These cables sound very promising given the comparisons made to the ASI Livelines which I currently own. 
Sony DVP-NS9100ES for SACD or CD Transport
I would suggest getting it modded by Modwright - I had the same model and it sounded superb and for me one of the best sounding players under $5,000. 
R.I.P. Levon Helm
RIP. Worth watching the episode he appeared on the Elvis Costello Spectacle series. Really good. 
Extremely well recorded jazz double bass? cymbals?
Second the Wood suggestion mentioned above - Brian Bromberg is bass player. Fantastic album.Try also Charlie Haden Montreal Tapes and Musica Nuda - Ferruccio Spinetti e Petra Magoni. 
best sound for a classical and jazz cd
Check out some of the XRCD issues - excellent sound quality. I have a copy of Bill Evans Sunday at the Village Vanguard on an XRCD and it is superb. 
Is there a fined Solid state Pre Amp for under 8k?
I have been very happy with the Audiopax Model 5 - certainly worth an audition. 
Your favorite SET amp? Wavac EC-300B...
Audiopax would also be worth an audition. 
Server for APL Modified Esoteric
Any other suggestions for a music server that I can connect to the DAC in my player? Has anyone demoed the Sonore Music Server or the CAPS v2?Thanks in advance 
Cart for TW Acustic 10.5 ?
I have used the Ortofon Black Credenza with this arm and have been very pleased. I believe it provides the type of sound you are looking for - musical and rounded. 
Server for APL Modified Esoteric
I have read some of the reviews and this looks to be an impressive piece of equipment that will work well with an external DAC. 
Server for APL Modified Esoteric
Thanks for the suggestion LLoydelee21.I will check it out.James 
Opinion on Zu speakers vs Merlin tsm
The Zu Definition II superseded the Pro and I did not find the top end always to be nice, extended and detailed on top and I owned these speakers for a significant period of time. There is currently a lengthy thread about the new Zu Definition IV ... 
Opinion on Zu speakers vs Merlin tsm
In the Zu Mk II IMO I thought tweeter performance was one of its weaknesses. I remember when I switched to the ASI Tango speaker and the first thing I noticed was increased resolution over the Zus. However, the sum of the Zu is greater than its pa... 
Opinion on Zu speakers vs Merlin tsm
I have owned both the Merlin TSMs and the Zu Druid Mk IV and Zu Defintion Mk II. IMO all excellent speakers but also very different. The Zus are very dynamic and have excellent tone and can be driven by low powered amplifiers but not as resolving ... 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
Yes, the Tap X is auto former - Slagle.