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Ocellia cables IC why not much talk?
Another surprise (not). A thread on interconnects and Sabai pipes up yet again about how amazing his HiDiamond cables are. 
Beware purepower inc
And it probably comes as no coincidence that you use a competing power generator. And before you say, yes I am an owner of the Purepower 2000 and have been very pleased with it but my reason for replying to your email was nothing to do with this b... 
Beware purepower inc
Bombaywalla - consistent with much of the ranting and bs on this website I really do not understand the purpose of your thread. The jurisdiction of a particular case depends on a number of factors but you see fit to post a thread implying that bec... 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
BMW K1200 RS 
DAC for my Esoteric X-O3 SE??
PurePower what are your thoughts?
My unit has worked flawlessly - PP2000 - great customer service too. 
Wave Kinetics NVS Turntable - Stereophile Review
This thread would be more worthwhile if people commented on tables that they had actually listened to.Syntax - I believe you have not even listened to the NVS.Yet again, on this forum, a thread goes off the rails with the ramblings of those with a... 
Best Place/Way To Sell My CD Collection?
If you have jazz and classical titles I would be interested in purchasing. 
Ahmad Jamal: Blue Moon
Thanks - will check it out. Apparently his album from a few years ago - A Quiet Time - is also meant to be superb and will be buying it today. 
Tall Tower Speakers for $10-14k
I'll make a shameless plug for my Acousticsystem international tango speakers too - up for sale :) 
Power conditioning for digital gear AND tube amp?
I would consider the Purepower units as well. 
Stand out phono stages
Out of interest, has anyone auditioned the Vitus Audio MP-P201 Phono Stage. Incredibly expensive but would be interested in hearing from anyone who has listened to it. 
Diana Krall Survey
I agree with Tomcy6 - keep on with the trio. Clayton is superb. Maybe with some lesser known standards - something more edgy. 
Diana Krall Survey
I only wish I could be as average and sell over twenty million records. And to clarify, I am not a die hard Krall fan but do believe she earns a little more respect than was being given in the earlier posts. 
Diana Krall Survey
Roxy54 - fair comment but let me ask you the following - assuming you do not play the piano, on what do you base your opinion as to her technical ability? To draw an analogy, isn't it the same as someone who has never owned hifi equipment going on...