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Power Strip
Thanks Tboooe. Do the PS Audio Powerplants do similar things to the Purepower products? It seems there are mixed views on these forums as to the benefits of power conditioning and many have said that installing balanced power through a dedicated l... 
Power Strip
Thanks for the kind words Chayro. I have a purepower 2000 on the front end but intend to install a dedicated line for my power hungry monoblocks and need 4-5 outlets so want to run this line to a high quality power strip with no filtering. Surpris... 
Power Strip
Thanks all for the recommendations. I will check these out. 
Tube Mono-Block Recommendation
I think if you can at least audition them, consider the Audiopax Model 88 amplifiers. I have been a strong supporter of Audiopax for a number of years. They fly below the radar but are excellent amps. 
Personal amp evolution
Audio Innovations AltoTAG Mclaren 60i/60pAudiopax Model 5 and Model 88Bent Audio Tap-XAudiopax Model 5 and Maggiore M100 
Great guys to deal with in the audio industry
Jonathan Tinn at Chambers Audio - he has been an absolute pleasure to deal with over the years. A real gent. 
Best Jazz pianist
Keith Jarrett. 
evolution acoustics mm2 - review after 600 hours
Likewise. I am so happy with the MMtwos. Not even sure I will get the additional woofers to move to MMthrees. Running them with Audiopax 100w SET mono blocks and they are sounding great. 
analog sounding DAC?
Depending on budget try and audition one of Alex Peychev's (APL HiFi) new stand alone DACs. The DAC-S or DAC-M. I recently received the DAC-M and it is jaw droppingly good. I know I sound like a shrill with my own player but it really is superb. 
Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ actual availability???
Is the phono amp grounded separately? Have you tried removing this ground? 
PurePowerAPS Canada concern
I would buy from them based on my own experience dealing with the company. I would never make a buying decision based on what is said in these forums.consider how many purepowers are in the field working without an issue.on this forum you only see... 
PurePowerAPS Canada concern
I am going to purchase from them shortly. Currently own the old model PP2000 which has been superb. Sorry to hear about the above as I have always experienced great customer service. 
Underrated jazz greats
I know many complain about the new Audiogon but I hope that people remain involved if only for threads like this which are invaluable for discovering new music. Thanks to all for posting. I will be purchasing several CDs or LPs based on this thread. 
Life of a PS Audio PowerPlant??
Interesting. You defend vigorously PS Audio Units but seem determined to cast dispersions on Purepower. You are either a dealer, work for the manufacturer or have a hidden agenda. 
Beware purepower inc
How do you arrive at the conclusion that Purepower have reliability with their units? Do you know the total number of units that Purepower have sold and the number of repairs in the field? Or alternatively are you making a conclusion and a sweepin...