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Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Speaker suggestions at around $30k
+1 Evolution Acoustics MMtwos. Mine arrived a few months ago. Fantastic speakers. 
AudioPax stereo 88
Shaz,Send me an email to and I will reply with contacts details. BestJames 
Best Live Album Ever...
Friday Night in San Francisco - Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin. 
Modern Jazz Pianist recommendation
Try Jason Moran and the album "Ten" 
Long interconnect cables
Thanks everyone - I think 4 feet was too low. Currently equipment is between speakers so interconnects are the standard 1m to 1.5 m at most. I could see in the future requiring a run of up to 8-10 feet, perhaps more. 
Long interconnect cables
Thanks. Is there a certain distance above which it may affect the sound? 
evolution acoustics mm2 - review after 600 hours
Agree with the above. I have had my MMtwos for about 6 weeks now and they are fantastic sounding speakers. 
Muddy Waters Folk Singer
Thanks Bryon - I will check these out. Can these all be obtained on vinyl? Any particularly good pressings?Another blues album I strongly recommend is Alone and Acoustic - Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. The final track of the album is a particular fa... 
Muddy Waters Folk Singer
I just hope we continue to see some great bluesmen in the future but I cannot see the future ever producing a John Lee Hooker or another BB King or a Buddy Guy or going back further Muddy etc. I guess part of it is a generational thing - these guy... 
Muddy Waters Folk Singer
Yes, absolutely - music first and foremost. I am a huge buddy guy fan having seen him play at Glastonbury in the UK in the mid nineties and then again a few years ago in Brazil. Great to hear him at a young age playing with Muddy Waters. 
Muddy Waters Folk Singer
I have the Quality Records pressing. I wish all my vinyl sounded as good as this. 
audiopax Model 5
I just acquired a Model 5 SE - sounding very good - very transparent. 
RFI - Turntable Rig
Thanks - with tonearm cable disconnected I am still picking up rfi and a very loud hum. 
RFI - Turntable Rig
Do you mean with the tonearm cable disconnected? I can check tonight