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Power Cords--Your Preference?
Fusion Audio The Enchanter is an excellent power chord for digital players. 
Class A amplifiers - which are considered the best
Thanks George. I have had the pleasure of meeting the Audiopax designer, Eduardo, on a few occasions. A true genius and I believe he has produced something very special with this new amplifier. Early days still - I just hope people get the chance ... 
Class A amplifiers - which are considered the best
The Audiopax Maggiore is a true 100W Class A amplifier so the "stretching the bow" comment does not apply in this case. 
Long IC pre to amp
Thanks Bondmanp. Tara Labs is high on the list and they work well with Audiopax - I also like and use the ASI Livelines. My situation is complicated as I may move to amps with balanced connections so I do not want at this stage to spend a lot on a... 
Class A amplifiers - which are considered the best
Audiopax Maggiores - 100W - Class A - SET (my pair arrives this weekend). 
Long IC pre to amp
Thanks all - this is encouraging. 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
I have the Tap-X. 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
I have both the Bent and the LSA and plan to do a detailed review comparing the two. 
Personal speaker evolution
Thanks Mapman. I am done for now and not do not want to consider changing speakers again at least for several years. 
Personal speaker evolution
1990 - TDL RTL 21994 - TDL RTL 32004 - Merlin TSM2005 - Zu Druid and Zu Definition Mk II2012 - Evolution Acoustic MMtwos. 
How are Hig-End Speakers Priced?
I agree with Tonywinsc - I'd be amazed if the average speaker was sold at 4-5 times cost. I also want to really believe I did not pay such a mark-up for my equipment! Too depressing otherwise. 
Suggest also auditioning the Whest Audio phono amps. Excellent amps. 
Solid State Phono Pre-amp Recommendations
Also consider the Whest Audio line of phono amps. 
Sirius and Walker
This is a ridiculous thread. If there is an issue it should be resolved privately between the relevant parties and not be the subject of an endless and inane thread. 
Thanks for the music Etta....
Rest in Peace Etta.