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question for nautilus 801 owners
What are the mono blocks? 
Demagnatizing a ZYX Cartridge
Just got my Nak Dragon - Wow
Yes, some folks don’t believe how good a well-recorded cassette can sound on a great Nak deck. You have a collector’s item there, enjoy it and keep it well maintained.Regards, 
The effect of the Expanding Universe on turntables
I believe that Highfivesign’s subtle observation (BAM!) is accurate. Mr. Heisenberg’s Primates could never have turned out a single “comma” of Shakespeare, no matter how long they toiled. However, they would have been capable of typing volumes 3 t... 
How To Improve B&W N802 Bass Response?
...and if that doesn't work for your B&Ws try Jetstream’s suggestions with your girlfriend/wife.Cheers, 
The effect of the Expanding Universe on turntables
I have had similar epiphanies during binge cleaning sessions on my Nitty Gritty. Watching all that spinning and listening to the groaning of the vacuum cleaner does indeed induce a sort of universal transcendence. Insights into the mysteries of bl... 
LPs and allergies, anyone?
You missed a rare chance to place wife permanently in the garage. Hey man, where are your priorities?8>( 
What do you think of my 25 laws of audio
Jmc, your memory is indeed faulty. Although XXIII on Moses’ original Tablets, farting was only a sin if done using a blowtorch while building a Golden Calf (which already was a “Top Ten” no-no), so XXIII became expendable. Elevator flatulence has ... 
Denon DP-45-F Questions, manual.
Damn, Swampwalker, that member then got a great deal. I am really surprised at the sound of this table and the cabinet is in excellent shape as well. Other than the usual scratches on the dust cover, it looks like it wasn’t used very much. You hav... 
What do you think of my 25 laws of audio
I am with the Chief on this one. The ultimate listening sweet spot, I say: From inside a cannon during the 1812 Overture.We here in the land of the Burning Bush salute you and please, let’s have God continue saving as many queens as possible. Hell... 
Regarding DK Design Vs.1 Reference Mk2 amp ???
Money, money, money. Hey, there are things more important than money. How about having a big DK?8>( 
Denon DP-45-F Questions, manual.
Figuring that this arm is no different from others on mid-priced tables, I floated the arm with the back weight and then added the 1.7-1.9 grams with the numbered side "tracking" wheel. Seems to work ok. The "damping" wheel doesn't seem to affect ... 
Denon DP-45-F Questions, manual.
Sorry, the cartridge is a DL-60. 
Coping in an Age of Uncertainty
A real audiophile: (in Catholic order)1. Believes Levinson, Pass, McIntosh, Von Schweikert, et al, are gods.2. Curses the names of above gods when equipment blows up.3. Buys cheaper on line (Sundays included) instead of worshiping at the store fro... 
Testicle Tumor
I send you my very best wishes,Santiago