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Music Reference RM-200
I have owned the RM-200 for three years now. It drives my B&W 802s in an all-tube system. I have used Bryston 7B ST (very good), Pass X-600 (great), Butler TDB -2250 (excellent), Sonic Frontier Power 2 & 3 (both excellent), VTL ST-150 (exc... 
Clarinet concertos anyone?
Interesting repertoire and recorded with spectacular sound is: Nielsen and Aho Clarinet Concertos. (Martin Frost, clarinet, with the Lahti Symphony Orchestra directed by Osmo Vänskä.)http://www.amazon.com/Nielsen-Aho-Clarinet-Concertos-Hybrid/dp/B... 
New Product......Intelligent Box
...not until the light turns off...I guess.8^( 
What is a passive preamp?
Yep, no football 'til September and the boys are restless.8^( 
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
Grannyring,The Music Reference 200.8>( 
Kind of Blue........blue vinyl........
Keep the vinyl, sell the wife?8>( 
Purenote titanium IC vs Stealth Indra.
Sanjay,What cables were you using before the Titaniums? If it isn't too much trouble, give us an idea of the gear you are using at the moment.Thank you. 
I've Fallen in Love With My Mistress
Agree with Myraj, it’s all the rear action you’re getting. (Wife just looked at you funny and maybe a bit alarmed when you asked, huh?8>( 
Tape Out as Subwoofer Output?
Thank you kindly for the clear explanation. I had meditated that move previously but imagined Chinese fireworks demolishing my listening room. 
Tape Out as Subwoofer Output?
Could one of you please explain what it means to connect the subwoofer via "high level" inputs.Thank you. 
BACH Cello Suites - CD only
Casals on EMI. He started the ball rolling. 
Wife/girlfriend or audio: if you had to chose?
Audio (28 years); (24 hrs); (3 days); (immediately after "I Do") 
Long distance from amp to speakers
I am with George. Reposition the wife (preferably in another country) not the amps. 
"I'll pay you later today"
As classic a line as: “Honey, trust me!” 
Experience with Raul's Essential 3150
ahem, gentlemen..."Feliz Navidad."