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I'm Looking For the Best
Onhwy61, you need to take hwy69 to get the best.Rufus 
What song best sums up the previous year?
“The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad... 
New Dk SIGN.?
Let the games begin!8>( 
Buyer Beware of Late Part 2
Yup, they are back! But hey, look at it this way, they are paying six bucks to make asses of themselves.8>( 
buyer beware of late
They are back!8>( 
Don't let this happen to you
I have always found “Bravo, Brava, or Bravi” as a total affectation when in a non-Italian-speaking country. I would be happier if the Spaniards would shout “Ole”; the French, “Magnifique”; the Russians, “Oshin Harasho”; the English, “Jolly Good”; ... 
Move to NYC Apt -- Vandersteen 3A Speaker Woes
Learn how to return obscenities in 20-to-30 different languages and keep the gear as is.Best regards,8>( 
Wife Acceptance Factor
Classical, that sounds like wishful thinking. What if she is a tube/analog chick and you like digital and SS? Huh?Disclosure: I’ve been married for 27 years and have been very, very, very ha..., ha..., hap...hap...haaap...happp...(Allright, I’ll t... 
Wife Acceptance Factor
Good, you are warming up now. Take a look in her closet and count the pairs of shoes, that should prove instructive. The fashion lifetime of each pair is/was, give-or-take, 25 minutes.8>( 
Wife Acceptance Factor
Look! Get real! Ok?It’s either tube rings or wedding rings.You still have time to think about it.8>( 
Has anyone reviewed cables for the iPod?
Kid, that’s pretty scary. Cut it out, will ya!And your Sonus Fabers condone this sort of diet without suicidally blowing themselves up?8>( 
Cartridge Recommendation
Doug, how about a Denon 110 or 160. My son has the 110 on a Denon turntable and the sound is very impressive.Regards,Santiago 
How can I raise the height of the sound stage
Sit lower. 
For the last few specs of superficial dust, there is nothing better than the compressed air cans you can buy cheaply at Costco. For me, they have worked better than any brush.Best wishes, 
Bryston Power Amp users - what power cord?
With the Brystons, don’t waste your money with power cords. A Signal Cable Magic Power or a JP Cables “zero gauge” will do just fine if, for aesthetic reasons, the stock cord gets on your nerves. The JP (maybe) sounded a little fuller? Or was I ju...