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Threshold S300 power amp.
Does anyone know the input impedance of this amplifier?Thank you for your consideration. 
You know you're an audiophile if--
...the phrase "getting laid" means running speaker wire under a carpet.8^( 
BNC or Coax?
So, is the concensus that RCA termination or BNC termination is equally reliable for transmission of digital audio (say between transport and DAC)??? Or are there quantifiable differences between the two type of connectors?8^( 
Any experience with Audio Experience A2 preamp ?
Mcfarland, are you speaking about the Balanced A1 preamp. The A2 has L&R Balance controls as well as a main Volume control.I own the A1 and, with a decent set of tubes (nothing over $17./each) casts an enormous sound stage. Instrumental detail... 
Whirring, whistling sound from left speaker
In my experience, this is a sign that a tube is failing and about to die. If it's a multi-tube preamp, for instance, you have to remove and replace until the troublemaker tube is identified. Same for amp if the problem is not with the preamp.Good ... 
Elvis Aaron Presley 1-8-35 8-16-77
Yep, Elvis never left the building.8>( 
You've Won the Lottery: Your Dream System, Now.
ONE source : Concertgebouw OrchestraONE system: Concertgebouw, AmsterdamONE set of speakers: Haitink and Jansons welcoming me to the house in Dutch and Russian.Cables exactly as you wish: Something friendly like: "Congratulations" or funny: "Pleas... 
Long Coaxial audio run?
Thanks to you both for the most generous advice.That jitter stuff is, I guess, only OK if you have a career in pole-dancing!Regards,8^( 
Phono Cable Suggestions?
Following Mechans train, I went with a Signal Cable Silver wire that has been extremely satisfying. Tried and dumped $500-$850. priced cable after listening extensively and finding that the extra money spent was not translating into better sound. ... 
Long Coaxial audio run?
Audioengr,Thanks for your answer.So much loss of quality even though it would be a digital signal to the DAC?Regards,8^0 
Benchmark DAC1 Pre
I would strongly recommend (if possible for your subwoofer) that you run the subwoofer off the amp and not the preamp. I think it integrates better than having two different loads (speaker amp and subamp) pulling from your preamp.8^( 
Life on Mars
I saw it as well but you could tell it wasn't 1973. All the LPs were covered with plastic protective sleeves. It wasn't like that then unless you were shopping at a "rare" LP store. 
Do enzymes only live for 8 hours
I love this place!8^( 
Cassette decks....reliability and build quality...
Last night, I was listening to a Bela Fleck cassette on my Dragon. I sometimes forget the extrordinary fidelity and naturalness of sound that this Nak produces. Even my least expensive Nak (CR-1A) is capable of outstanding playback of well-recorde... 
Neville Marriner & ASMF touring
Let's see...Murray Perahia or Yuja Wang?(Hmm? That's a difficult one, I'll venture.) I think I'd prefer an infected Perahia, playing in his bathrobe, with an IV stuck to his arm.8^(