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Need some advice on replacing a B&W tweeter
Youtube has shown how easy it is to replace them.  I could not tell the difference on my N805 when listening. My kids pushed in one of them years.  It was a cosmetic thing for me to change it 5 years later. Good kuck  
Not in any order Bose 701 - still have for garage Bose 901 Klipsch RP600m KEF LS50 Elac Unifi UB5 Elac Vela BS403 - still have B&W Nautilus 805 B&W Nautilus 803 - still have B&W DM601 Emotva B1+ Silverline Minuet Supreme Plu... 
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
End game does not exist in Agon.  
anybody running dual NAD C298's?
NAD not a popular brand on Agon.  
Big speakers, are they really the best way to get great sound?
300k and 800k got me. Nothing a $5-10k speaker couldnt do for vs something costing that much more. Tower speakers > Bookshelf any day  
Speakers 10 years old or older that can compete with todays best,
I think its not just speakers, its the amplifier and source too.  New equipment has the techology along with electronics/caps to play the new music so the synergy with the sound more fast pace imo.  Like my pair of Elacs with ribbon tweeters.  My ... 
I'm a fan of less is better, for less distortion, plug a DAC directly to the amp.  No need for anything else.  Get and integrated and your set.  Many people feel.a pre amp is needed, but I feel for its purity, I'll let the amp do the talking. Some... 
Accuphase E380 or E4000 integrated amp important from Japan
I prefer Luxman over Accuphase.  Luxman build quality is 2nd to none.  
Anybody using tube amps to drive Thiel CS 3.7's ?
Tube amps are not best pairing.  The 3.7 dip to 3 and 4 ohms,  I've heard the 2.4 with Primaluna100 tubes and did not sound as good compare with a ML331.  3.7 is awesome speaker and would sound good with any amp, you just want to feed it the watta... 
Lush and Romantic Tube Amps
Best way to clean glossy finish on speakers?
I use a microfiberr cloth on my Elacs 403.  Im sure there are some swirl marks, hard to keep then new like a black car when I was 20.   
Wharfedale Lintons ... Any great amp pairings?
@chrisr , agree. They sounded good with Emotiva monoblocks.  I was quite impressed.  
How serious are you?
Depends how much your system is worth? < $500 = sounds good to me $1,000-$5,000 = Im readung reports and recommendations $10,000 = audio Junkie $25,000 = I love it and I'm happy $50,000 = divorce dicussions $100,000 = no.longer a hobby an... 
Are higher end preamps worth the investment when you are only streaming Tidal & Spotify ?
I've always felt a preamp is over kill.  An amp with a volume knob is what I like. Or controlling it from a pc or a source is best.  I feel the more connections with a rca or balance inputs has another transfer signal losing its purity imo.  
Have you upgraded from a Freya?
I sold mine. I like the matching pre amps that are made for the amp. The synergy is the best imo.