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Considering Zu Dirty Weekend over my current B&w 702s2
@soix  , if you say I dont know what I'm talking about thats fine. My opinion I will clearly say is B&W sound reproduction is much better than Zu.  Not 10x the price, but better.  
Considering Zu Dirty Weekend over my current B&w 702s2
@eburb, order and give it a shot. You can belive I'm not the only one saying it. Again, I'm not saying they aren't good speakers.  The entry level DW, are entry level speakers.  Its when you move up in princing to the Soul6 that will probably have... 
Considering Zu Dirty Weekend over my current B&w 702s2
I think alot of people would like to try Zu Speakers, myself included but are skeptical in many factors.  Being high sensitive that are easy to drive, using low power tube or integrated class A would be a match. If you have equipment with 200watts... 
Bang for the buck
I don't review specs, they are flawed in many ways  believe.  At $2k budget Wharfedale Linton 85 come to mind. Unless you want vintage.  
What is the proper loudness for listening?
9 to 11 clock position.  
Law Of Diminishing Returns?
What you can afford.  At the end it plays music.  People like to catergorize EQ as hifi, midfi, lowfi.    
Luxman 590AX II Break-In
Break in is probably 200hrs, but the speakers you have arent the greatest match and also the 590 doesnt give great bass if your looking for that pop. Its a refined neutral amp that pairs well with easy to drive speakers.  I am using Silverline Son... 
What's your experience with snooty HiFi salesmen?
Snobby. Thats funny. Its like a car purchase ranked in tiers. Not many people will spend 5k on a system, let alone 100k.  In the end it plays music and no more.  Hi-fi enthusiast dont listen to music, they listen to the equipment and I have been g... 
Describe the "new HiFi sound"?
New eq is very refined and accurate, digital sounding. Non stereo imagimg.  If you compare it to the 70s equipment.  Any of the 70s or 80s equipment has alot of soul to the sounds. New Eq = more resolution and dynamics, can be dry Vintage Eq = r... 
Warm, Lush Laid-Back Smaller Floor Standers?
30'x90'x12', I would not be looking at stand mounts. I use Elac Vela BS 403 and my room is 24'x25' size. My 803 sound better in the room. But I like 403 in here more.  
What amps are out there that are Class A, 50 wpc into 8 ohms?
Great list gentlemen.  Of the list, I'll take the Luxman any day, and I dont need 50W or greater.  
Fantasy or reality? Inexpensive solid state preamps that get you 80% there?
This is a question that will give you infinity answers.  What one person thinks is good, the other will justify that its not due to the looks, price or specs.  The Schiit Freya + or Saga  brings excellent value as a pre amp costing less than $1k. ... 
Thiel CS 2.4 Amplifier Pairing
@jazzman7 The Coda CSIB will move the Thiels with ease.given those specs.   Thanks for sharing your input.  Have you had any issues with the midrange driver needing replacement?  
Considering Zu Dirty Weekend over my current B&w 702s2
The Zu DW and B&W are two different sound.  The Zu are dynamic and lively vs B&W warm sound.  Zu is best match with tube amps like @rar1 stated with the Prima Luna.  The Zu D&W is a 12ohm speaker that needs little to drive them. One sy... 
Thinking about getting some bookshelf/standmount speakers
I think with the 4 subs you have, your choice for standmounts can be endless as you'll have no issues with the low bass. I'm using Elacs Vela BS 403 with no sub. Whats the budget?