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Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
Pioneer HPM 100  
Is it me or new audio gear is too perfect and give ear fatigue?
@pedroeb , as others pointed.  Price not a factor on good sounding gear. I've been listening to music and gear for over 30yrs. I've got new and vintage equipment as well as speakers too.  This is a question of analytics on new equipment being too ... 
Is it me or new audio gear is too perfect and give ear fatigue?
@ghdprentice , soundstage and imaging is what I prefer.  I guess the late 70s equipment and some 80s is what floats my boat.  I have not gotten lucky to probably hear all equipment, I just stuck with brands that I remember and like.  With the inte... 
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
BATMAN - go with a smile :)  
New equipment
Like all in AG, many listen to their system and not music. And that includes me sometimes.  If they listen to music, why do people change their EQ? The phrase will always be "there is something better" but as I have come to realize were listening ... 
Luxman vs Hegal
Luxman very neutral and refine. Depends on your speakers your using. H390 made have a tad more bass and thump.  Just on the looks itself, its Luxman.  My 590 AXii is clean and detail sounding. I'm using Nautilus B&W 803 speakers with them.  
E-bay and its sellers
I think his feelings were hurt. Bought two items, then offered a low ball price probably and the guy said F.O.  Sellers have the right to react if not happy.  If the offer is within reason of 5-10% that would be fair, if were talking 20-30% off.  ... 
Thiel Owners
@oblgny , is the store Audio Den? I dont know any in L.I., JR Music World was my favorite when I worked in NYC.  My uncle use to visit the audio shop in Smithtown, but this before 2000.  There is someone selling a pair of  Thiel 3.6. Just lugging ... 
Thiel Owners
Always wanted to try a pair of Thiel 3.7, not sure if the Luxman 590 would be a good match. Maybe the Yamaha MX-1000 would sound better. I'm using B&W 803 and feel maybe a change is needed.  
What is the best 2 channel listening chair?
Ikea Poang for me.  
Best Smaller Bookshelf Speakers For Use Exclusively With Ambient Music?
Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus  
What are we objectivists missing?
My opinion on this is the following: is there a difference between 2 cables at $100  vs. $1,000; obviously.  Will ypu hear a difference, yes.  How muxh of the difference, a very small percentage.  Is it worth it? I dom't believe so. A system that ... 
A perfect song? What are your choices?
Lucy Pearl- Dance Tonight John Mayer - Gravity BB King - 3 O Clock Blues Norah Jones - Those sweet words  
Considering moving on from B&W...
Same dilemma here,  Still an owner of Nautilus B&W 803, I've had thoughts sometimes on moving on from them.  However, their warm sounding is very musical to me and given its price point when I got new vs. today market for new speakers cost any... 
Is there a DAC ranking list?
Love reading the DAC comparisons and sounds, but man...If my wife ever found out I was going to spend $150K on a DAC, she would say to me are you ____________  ____________!  Not saying a $150K DAC isn't good sounding, but will it be 149x better t...