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vandersteen m5-hp crossover setting
Conrad johnson 16ls owners
An audiophile friend listening to my system did describe the 16 as having a golden color. I find the premier 16 to have a warmer fuller sound than the ET5. While the ET5 provides more detail or nuances to the music. An additional item to consider ... 
Conrad johnson 16ls owners
I am a big fan of CJ having owned Prem 14, Prem 16, and currently own the Prem 15 and ET 5. The 16 is an order of magnitude better than the 14. While the 16 and ET 5 have different presentations, both are great to my ears. While owning the Premier... 
How loud in DB, Is "cranking it"
80 to 85 db is cranking it for meThe following is my understanding about sound and power2 speakers increases the sensitivity by 3db so (sourced from enjoy the music dot com)1 87 db speaker will produce 87 db of sound at 1 meter with 1 watt of pow... 
Capital Audio Fest 2016
I agree with the quality of the sound. One of the things I found interesting was the relatively inexpensive speakers matched with relatively expensive electronics and how good the combination sounded. 
Conrad Act2 serie2 or ET5 wich would you buy
I currently own an ET5 which replaced a Premier 16 which replaced a Premier 14. You will experience a significant improvement is bass response and detail retrieval when going from a 14 to the ET5.The ET5 will handle long interconnects better than ... 
Premier 16LS & ET5
I upgraded from a 16ls series 1 to an ET5. Both are nice preamps but I prefer the ET5 the sound is a little cleaner. 
CJ preamp upgrade suggestions
I upgraded from a 16 series 1 to ET5. I enjoyed both and could happily live with either one. With the ET5 you will get a more dynamic and better defined sound stage. It is a little dryer sounding than the 16. One big advantage to ET5 is that it on... 
Conrad Johnson ET-3 vs Premier 10/14 ?
HiI have owned Premier 14, 16 and ET-5.Based upon your preferences I would recommend you audition the Premier 17 or 16 
Which is REALLY the best Conrad Johnson Preamp
I have owned CJ Premier 14, 16 and now the ET5. There was a dramatic improvement in going from the premier 14 to 16. The 16 was significantly better than the 14 in every way: Wider soundstage, deeper soundstage, more detail and stronger bass.I nev... 
Opinions on Reference LP Digitization System ...
I am in the process of digitizing my albums. You cannot tell the difference between the vinyl and digital copies. Steps include1. VPI TNT 3.5/rega 600/ Lyra Helikon to Conrad Johnson Premier 15 Series 2 to Korg 2000s2. Korg to Mac and stored in 96... 
Wilson WP 7 with Air Tight ATM 211
I use Watt/Puppy 7's with Cary 805C (845 tube). It is a very good match. Before purchasing the watt/puppies I contacted Wilson and they stated they have demonstrated the 7's with Cary 805's at audio show's in the past. 
Lexicon MC 1 change to MC 4 ?
Hi I made the switch from MC 1V4 to MC4. The MC 4 is a little brighter than the MC1. The MC4 is more resolving than the MC1.I am glad I made the switch.John 
Best tube amp for Wilson Watt/Puppy
I use cary 805c on watt/puppy 7's. 
SET friendly speakers w/ slam?
I use Cary 805C with a pair of watt/puppy 7's. People who I have talked too who actually use watt/puppies with low powered tube amps use the amps 8 ohm tap. For some reason this creates a magical combination. I know this is contrary to what the ex...