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DC Metro -- New
Please add me to your list.Herndon Va 
Shuguang 845B vs Shuguang 845M
In my Cary 805C I have used 845, Shuguang 845B and Sophia 845M. I have used the 845M for 4 months with no problems. I absolutely love the sound of the 845M and would not entertain the thought of going back to the 845B or 845.John 
upgrade my home theater now 3 adcom 100 watt amps
Upgrade your receiver to a lexicon processor. This will give you a cleaner cripser sound. Then add two more speakers and use lexicon logic-7. 
Levinson source with CJ amps experience
I have a series 1. I purchased mine on Audiogon for just under 4k. I think the series 1 should sell for the same price as a used ML 380s. IE between 3,200 and 3,800. CJ quoted me 1,000 to update my 16 to a series 2 and add a home theater by pass.John 
Levinson source with CJ amps experience
I have not used the CJ DAC and transport. I have heard second hand that the CJ DAC was not one of their better products. Prior to the Levinson front end I used a Theta Gen Va and data basic II. I prefer the Levinson front end. I can see how some p... 
Levinson source with CJ amps experience
I have used CJ and Levinson extensively. They both have a similar presentation and in my opinion work well together. All my combinations use the Levinson 37 transport. First I used a CJ Premier 11a, CJ Premier 14 and ML 36s. When I got the upgrade... 
No 30.5 & 31.5. Still of reference quality ?
I replaced my theta data basic II and gen Va with a mark levinson 37 and 360s. The levinson gear is a lot more relaxed in its presentation. If nothing elsetry replacing your data basic II with a cheap (200.00 US) sony dvd player. This made a big d... 
Conrad Johnson Premier 14 vs. 17LS Pre-Amp
I upgraded from a 14 to a 16. With the 16there was better defined bass and moremusical detail. The art, 16 and 17 alluse the same design and parts. The differenceis the number of 6922 tubes they use.CJ rates the performance as art 100%,16 90% of a... 
ARC VT100 M1 vs. CJ premere 11A
I compared a Audio research classic 150 witha conrad johnson 11a. The classic 150 had better bass,a wider and deeper soundstage. The cj had moredetail. I called audio research and they said the vt100 is a better sounding amp than the classic 150.  
Best Cd player 1000.00 range used as transport ?
I just replaced my theta data basic II with a cheapsony DVD player used as a transport. The SONY presents more detail, wider soundstage and more pronounced bass. Laserswear out over time. I would not recommend buying anold transport. 
What pre amp to use for Cary 805?
I am using a conrad johnson prem 16 version 1with cary 805 c and proac 2.5 speakers.very nice sound 
Has anyone upgraded CJ 15 to Mk II?
I have done the upgrade. The upgrade is a new hospitalgrade power cord, new tubes and a few other partsreplaced. I cant tell you about the sound inprovementsince my system had been out of service for a while(tube rolling gone bad). 
Which DAC? Levinson, Theta, Sonic Frontiers
I have both a Theta GEN Va and Mark Levinson 36S.They have very different presentations. The Gen Va high spot lights the the high frequency sounds. The ML 36S is more balanced anddoes not high light the high frequencies. 
Preamp upgrade ARC LS5, SF Line 3, others?
I replaced my LS2B with a contrad johnson premier 14.The CJ presented more detail with a warm sound